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Review: Wings of Tavea by Devri Walls

Wings of Tavea (Solus, #2)
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Kiora is rapidly learning that evil and lies come in shades of black and white and swirling greys, but nothing could have prepared her for the shock of leaving Meros.
Kiora and her protector Emane step through the pass into a world they never knew existed but were always meant to save, only to find it far worse than they could have ever imagined. Good has been forced into hiding for its own survival, while the rest of the land bows to the Shadow, a force that pushes any remaining thoughts of Dralazar from Kiora’s mind. This land is full of new creatures, each more dangerous than the last. Her visions have taken on a deadly twist, and magic, or what comes of it, was never so real. And then there is Alcander: a Tavean, their guide, and an entirely different kind of trouble.
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My Review: 5 Must Devour

Picking up right where Wings of Arian left off we follow Kiora and Emane as they venture beyond the gates into a world they never knew existed, a world they were meant to save. And a world where good is hard to find. The Shadow haunts these lands forcing its residents to bow before it or die. Kiora and Emane quickly realize that this world is much more dangerous than they ever realized. As they try to determine what is safe in this strange new land they stumble upon a fierce warrior who offers his help. Forcing to trust their instincts and eager to find safe passage they accept the strangers offer of help, but can they trust this tall stranger? In an adventure like no other follow Emane and Kiora as they try to make sense of the world beyond the gates and try to save it and themselves from things yet seen.

I have to say that I absolutely loved this story! Devri Walls quickly swept me up with her great world building, vivid descriptions and wonderful magic. I fell even more in love with her world and her great characters. Of course in this book I had a lot of love hate going on with Kiora. Too many times I found myself shaking my head at her and hating her. At one point I wanted to reach in the book and squish her like a bug. Or as Drustan would say, " her, using something with really large teeth" (kindle, loc. 3558). But despite my hate for her, I still love her and I admire her growth and her ability to love all. It was really great to see what Kiora was made of as I watched her grow from the young and innocent girl from the first book, to the strong, independent solus in Wings of Tavea.

Now I will admit despite my love of Emane there were times I wanted to choke him too, but not nearly as much as I wanted to choke Kiora. Once you read the book you will totally understand my torn feelings for Kiora. Emane despite being this incredibly strong, loyal and all around fierce protector--is a bit naive, pig-headed and jealous at times. And unfortunately this can get him into trouble. There were so many times in Wings of Tavea that I couldn't help but feel for Emane. In the first book I felt like he was rather inadequate as a protector, often frustrated that Kiora was more powerful than he was. But I found that despite what Emane lacks in power he more than makes up for in his will, strength, and ability to never back down from a fight. I deeply admire the way he fights for all innocents, even if he doesn't particularly care for them.

In Wings of Tavea Devri Walls not only brings back one of my other favorite characters from Wings of Arian, Drustan, but also introduces us to other amazing characters, like Alcander. This Tavean who is not only a powerful and fierce warrior, but just so happens to be a lot of trouble, again read and you will see why. I love him and I truly loved the back story that Devri Walls built him. Because underneath that warrior facade is a man who is hurting, caring and struggling with truths that he might have given up on long ago. Where Emane openly shows his feelings, Alcander buries them. I enjoyed getting to know this character and can't wait to get to know him more, but I will be watching him like a hawk.

Besides the incredible characters, Devri Walls builds yet another world that I can see vividly in my mind. A world that gives us creatures we know and creatures we don't. All with a unique spin that is entirely Devri Walls. Not only is the Wings of Tavea a tale of magic, adventure, and love; it is also a journey of finding one's inner truths. Each character in Wings of Tavea goes through trials. Some that make them stronger and others whose consequences remain to be seen. But with every trial these characters face, you feel like you are too. I know I did.

In Wings of Tavea you will laugh, you will yell, you will cheer and you will cry--there was this moment where I cursed Devri Walls for breaking my heart as silent tears fell down my face, but most of all you will be taken on a magical journey through unknown worlds with characters you will want to get to know. So if you haven't already started this fabulous series, then you should do it now!

Favorite Character Moment

"I do not wish to be reappraised," he snapped, looking down at Alcander. "My power does not change who I am" (kindle, loc. 1374). 
I chose this moment because I think it really demonstrates the kind of person that Emane is. No he is not the most powerful and he probably never will be. But he more than makes up for it with his actions and fierce dedication.

"Devouring worlds, one book and recipe at a time."

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