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Character Time #7: Eric Cross from Steven Montano

Welcome to the First Character Time Blog Hop!! 

So what is Character Time? Character Time is a little feature created by Danielle at Consuming Worlds to spotlight favorite characters. 

Why did I create Character Time? I love characters and have a tendency to have rather strong feelings toward them in one way or another. For me characters are what often drives a book. I don't think you can have a good story without good characters and vice versa. And there is nothing I like more than a character that I can imagine vividly in my mind. One that I can laugh with, laugh at, scream at, or even cry with. 

The idea of Character Time is to spotlight a character from either a book you are currently reading or a book that you have read in the past. You can either love this character, hate them, loathe them, like them or any of the other feelings one may have. You then write a post spotlighting this character. Why you love, hate, loathe, or whatever them and why? This can include links, pictures or whatever you need to explain why you feel the way you feel. 

Note: These characters can be any characters, i.e., main characters, hero/heroine, villain, creature and so on.

If you need any help here are the Character Time's I have done in the past (before I created the feature): Character Time Posts

Once you choose your character and write your post add your name and URL in the Linky and hop to other blogs and check out their characters! Feel free to grab the above picture for your post. This is just a tester picture the badge will change.

My Character Time: Eric Cross from Steven Montano

Have you ever wanted to rescue a character from a book? You know that character that goes through more crap in one book than most characters go through in an entire series?

Well, Eric Cross from the Blood Skies Series is that guy. When I first met Cross, that's what he goes by, he was the unlikely hero, timid, shy, naive and unprepared for the war he was fighting. 

But no matter what sort of crap the author, Steven Montano throws at him he somehow manages to survive. Every. Single. Time. And trust me he goes through a lot of crap. The obstacles he faces would make the strongest men break. 

And Cross just rises above it. No matter what happens; be it loss, injury, torture, or loneliness, he just keeps going. And trust me he knows a thing or two about each of these things in fact he knows each of these things intimately. 

Cross has seen and survived things that no man should have to and that is why I want to rescue him. You see I want to save him from having to endure anymore pain or loss. Because not only do I not know how much more he can take, I don't know how much more I can take. 

But I know that I can't rescue him and deep down I know that is these struggles that make Cross the guy he is. The guy who transformed from the timid, shy, naive, weak Cross, to the strong, dedicated, determined, Cross that everyone turns to and looks up to. 

Cross never backs down from anything or turns his back while other people's lives are in danger. As long as there is a war Cross will be there to fight it. And I know that despite his pain, loss and suffering that the Claw needs him, his team needs him. Plus I need and want him to kick some serious dark butt! 

So, no matter how much I want to rescue Cross I know I can't. They need someone to fight for them, someone strong, dedicated and determined to lead them and give them hope. And that's Cross. He is the hope of his team and sometimes him and his team are the only hope for the Southern Claw. 

But Cross isn't just a soldier. Cross is a deep and caring friend with a big heart who will always be at your side. I know if I ever needed someone who could overcome any and all obstacles even his own death to help me Cross would be him. He would be the guy I call to help me face the darkest day and the darkest creatures.

For more information about this character check out the Blood Skies Series by Steven Montano! Helpful Links: Website | Amazon | Goodreads

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  1. I love this idea! The characters are my favorite parts of the book too! You get so involved with them and they are what drive the story.

    1. Thanks Chelsea! I completely agree with you! Hope to see you on the linky!