Friday, August 24, 2012

Joy's of being a mother!

Let me set the stage-

Side note: I don't know how we do it but everyone seems to be born with the ability to find their way to the bathroom even in the dead of sleep. It is like we are programmed with a bathroom tracker as soon as we are potty trained. (keep this in mind)

It is a typical night in the Young household all five kids are in bed, it is well after midnight, I am in my room attempting to write a book, and my husband is in the living room playing Skyrim. When just like any other night my 4 year old wonders out of his bedroom, eyes still closed, clutching his blanket-he calls it a dinty (don't ask), and sucking his thumb. 

My husband of course thinks nothing is wrong because this is normal behavior for our 4 year old. He get's up every night to use the bathroom and has been doing so since he was about 2. Of course we have had incidents where he has fallen in the toilet, but have otherwise been unscathed. 

This night however, was going to be different. That night all three of my little one's decided to sleep in the play room, so when my son got up to use the restroom I guess he got a little turned around and some how ended up in the kitchen. 

I of course was in my room and completely oblivious to the happenings of my son until I heard my husband ask if he was okay, which was rewarded with the usual whine of a sleepy 4 year old. My son continued to whine and my husband got up to ask him if he needed a drink, only to find my son standing in front of the trashcan taking a leak. 

My husband responded as anyone would and tried to get my son's attention. Upon calling my son's name he began to cry, having clearly been asleep and suddenly being awake to find himself peeing in the kitchen. My husband tried to reassure my son that it was an accident and that it was okay, but my son only cried harder. When my son get's like this there is only one thing you can do, and that is to allow him to sleep on the couch in the living room. This gives him time to calm down so that he can go back to sleep, but let's him feel like he doesn't have to go back to bed. It is truly one of those great tricks of a parent.

Of all my children I can honestly say that my then 4 year old, now 5 year old is the most entertaining. Since he came into our family there has never  been a dull moment. Of course I enjoy all of my children, but with him you just never know what will happen-even in the dead of sleep! :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

What is in a blog?!

That is the exact question I asked myself as I was sitting in my quiet room. If you know me, quiet is a rare commodity in my house. Having five boys running around with their hair on fire leaves little time for quiet. That is exactly why I stay up as late as I do. That is my only time for quiet and serenity, but we are getting way off task here. 

Back to my question, what is in a blog? There are thousands and thousands of blogs out there on every topic known to man. I personally don't follow many blogs. The one's I do follow relate to my direct interests of cooking and reading. Many times in my life I have been told that I should start a blog, write about my experiences share my stories. Because there are many. But I just don't think that I am specialized in any one thing enough to blog about it and who would read it anyway?! 

So I bet your asking, "then why did you start this blog?" Good question, I started this blog as part of an assignment for a technology class I was taking. Yes, I am still in school. I am working on my Master's in fact. Once I was done with the project I honestly had no intention of writing again, but there are times where I find myself wanting to share my stupid, crazy, and dull thoughts with the world. 

I have decided that because I have no one specialty and many loves I will share what I know and what I am inspired to share. So, there may be days where you have to hear me rant about reading, teaching, my kids, family, cooking, video games, kids again; well I'm sure you get the picture. So, if you are reading this, then I apologize for the randomness and thank you for reading.