Friday, March 29, 2013

Review: Beyond Judgment (Brainrush #3) by Richard Bard

With Publishers Weekly heralding the first book in his Brainrush thriller series as “terrifically entertaining” and “inventive and compelling,” and the sequel consistently near the top of the Amazon “Top Rated” list since its December 2011 release, Richard Bard now unleashes Beyond Judgment, which sees hero Jake Bronson at the mercy of his hidden past.

Suffering from coma-induced amnesia, Jake Bronson’s quiet existence in Italy is shattered by the arrival of a kill team doing the bidding of an ancient order. But while the assassins hunt Jake down, they unwittingly awaken fragments of his dormant memories and deadly skills. Now, with enemies stalking his every step, Jake is on a race to piece together his broken past and reconnect with lost allies and loved ones, risking everything to reawaken his true self and stop an ancient order from unleashing humanity's ultimate judgment.

*Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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My Review:

Jake Bronson doesn't know who he is. Suffering from amnesia Jake doesn't know that his life is in danger, that everyone's life is in danger, until assassins come knocking on his door and ruin the quiet serene life he thought he knew. But as they try to hunt him, his hidden abilities unleash making him as formidable as a man with all his memories. And as he struggles to discover the truth behind the assassins he discovers that his life hasn't always been so quiet and that the world is in danger and that the worlds only hope lies in his locked memories.

In Beyond Judgment we are quickly swept back up in the dangerous world that Jake has been traveling the last six years. It killed me to see Jake with amnesia, but we get a brief glimpse into what Jake's life could have been like if he never had the accident in the MRI machine all those years ago, but it isn't long before Richard Bard reminds us of the deadly world that Jake really comes from. And once the action starts, it never stops! And I'm not complaining and neither will you.

Jake has been through hell over the last six years. From almost dying from brain cancer, to discovering his new abilities, to unleashing the first pyramid, to being one of the most hunted men in the world, it seems that Jake can never catch a break. But of course he takes it in stride and is always quick to step in harms way to save not only his loved ones but the lives of the innocent, not even amnesia can change these feelings as they are deeply embedded in his moral being. Jake is one of those characters that is easy to love, he never gives up, he is smart as a whip, and deadly as a snake!

I loved the way that Richard Bard wrote this book. It was like getting to know Jake and his friends all over again. As Jake learned about his life, I learned about his life and got to relive those moments with him. It was almost like discovering Jake Bronson for the first time and it was wonderful! I love it when a book reinvigorates your joy and love for a character and that's what Beyond Judgment did for me. Plus it gave me some pretty awesome new characters to love, but I can't tell you who. I can tell you that you won't be disappointed.

But not only did it remind me of why I love Jake, it reminded me of why I love all of his friends, espcially Marshall, Tony, and Ahmed. Throughout the series we have seen this group go through hell, all while trying to live as normal a life as possible, but they are constantly reminded of the danger that is always lurking. Each character plays a pivotal role in the story that is Jake's and I loved each and every one of them, the old and the new!

Of course it wouldn't be a Brainrush novel if we didn't talk about the action. And boy was there action, from start to finish Beyond Judgment sweeps you up in a world so full of action that it will have you feeling like you are in the middle of an action flick! Every moment was so real and believable that I had to remind myself that it was actually all in a book!

This book really has it all. Non-stop action, laughs, mystery, suspense, great characters, and of course adventure. Richard Bard does not disappoint with the third installment in the Brainrush series, giving us a novel with a story that will quickly sweep you away, giving you quite the thrill ride.....or Rush!

There are so many fabulous moments in this book, but unfortunately I can't share all of them with you as they would spoil many great things, and I can't do that! But I will share this moment with you even though you may not completely understand it...until you read it. I think this moment really shows who Jake is.
"Jake ignored it all--including Tony's shouts of dismay when Jake took off in a sprint toward the water. He scooped up Jonesy's backpack, looped it over his shoulder, and dove into the pool." (Paperback, p. 352).


  1. What a wonderful review. I loved both of the Brainrush books and can't wait for the last one. I felt like I knew each of the characters and loved them all. I will be so happy to know what happens to everyone and even though it makes me sad that this series is coming to an end it will stay with me for a very long time. Richard Bard did a wonderful and fantastic job with the first two and I have NO doubt whatsoever that the last book is going to be even better. I am hoping beyond hope that a movie is made from this series and deep down I get the feeling there will be. I sure will be a big huge seller. I would certainly go and see it and buy the DVD.. Thanks for such a wonderful review of such a wonderful book. Ending to the best series I have EVER read.. :)

    1. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed the Brainrush series, Richard Bard put a nice spin on the usual suspense novel! This series definitely get's better with each book, and I agree that this series would definitely make a great movie, or even a great series!

      Thanks for stopping by, the wait for Beyond Judgement is coming to an end! Hope you love this one as much as you loved the others. :)