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Character Interview: Eric Cross

Monday I had the great pleasure of nterviewing one of my favorite authors, Steven Montano and today I have the luxury of interviewing one of my favorite characters!

Eric Cross from the Blood Skies series!!! *Squee* I am so excited and if you want to know why he is one of my favorite characters then check out my Character Time post: here

1) You have been through some pretty serious crap in your time fighting the war. How do you keep going after all that you have been through?

That’s not so easy to explain.  I’ve always been…driven, I guess you might say.  By what happened to Viper Squad, by this war.  I was literally given a second chance after the Squad’s last mission, and though I wasn’t sure what to do for a while, meeting Danica and Mike and forming the team gave me a purpose.  Honestly, I’ve been pushing forward for so long, I really don’t know any other way to live.

2) After all the crap that you have been through have you ever thought of walking away and maybe settling some place…, nice?

Well, that is something of a dream, isn’t it?  I’ve thought about hanging up my spurs, I guess, but not while the war is still going.  There’s too much to be done, and I feel like the team and I have a lot we can offer.  There are certainly times when it all seems like too much…when it is too much.  But then I think of all the people who’ve suffered, all the lives lost, and that’s all the motivation I need. 

I’m not trying to make myself sound like some sort of hero, or anything, and the idea of settling down is appealing.  But not for me.  Not yet.

*See, this is one of the reasons you are one of my favorite characters, one of my favorite heroes; you don’t act like it!

3) Speaking of crap….do you ever curse Steven for all the challenges and trouble he puts you through? Have you ever wanted to turn the table and put him through hell?

Who’s Steven?

*What? Do you mean to tell me you have yet to meet Steven Montano? *Gets on the phone with Steven* Steven, are you seriously telling me that you haven’t introduced yourself to Eric? Well played man, well played!

4) Do you think that you will ever see the end of The Black?

I hope against hope I will.  I mean that’s the purpose behind all of this.  The trouble is, no one really understands what started it all, or if The Black can end.  I think a lot of folks have resigned themselves to the fact there’s no end in sight, and we just have to do what we can to keep everything together.  I’m fine with that.  There are nights when I go to bed thinking maybe this is all some nightmare…maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up…but I don’t think I ever really believe that.  This is what there is.  We have to make the best of it.

5) When you first started with the Claw, did you ever think that you would survive all that you have?

No.  Not at all.  The life expectancy for warlocks in the Southern Claw isn’t long, and I’ve lived through some incredible circumstances.  I’ve had help, to be sure, but I’ve been extremely lucky.  I think that’s why I can’t really think about quitting.  I seem to have a knack for surviving, and that’s hard to do.  The least I can do is help others.

6) Let’s say that Steven hypothetically gave you a day off, where would you spend it and what would you do if you could do anything?

Still not sure who Steven is, but I do have days off.  The team stays busy, but we try to get out and celebrate, either just eating out together or catching a local performance or a play.  I read a lot.  Plus there’s always things to do around the manor – maintenance, testing equipment, research, that sort of thing.  It may not sound very relaxing, but it’s a nice change of pace from being in the field. 

*Shakes head at Steven*

7) What do you think is next for you in Blood Skies?

Nothing good, I’m sure.  The war to the west is escalating, and we’re having trouble with some insurgents to the east.  I’m sure Pike will have no shortage of work for us in the coming months.  Hopefully we’re up to the challenge.

I am so excited that Cross stopped by today! He truly is an amazing character and I can't imagine anyone else doing his it is on that note that I will admit that I will no longer plot to save him from the clutches of Steven Montano!

Make sure you check him out in the Blood Skies Series: Goodreads | Amazon

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