Sunday, March 10, 2013

Character Talk

If you are at all familiar with my blog then you already know that I love characters, all characters. Sure I love the story, but for me it is the characters that make that make the book. Without great characters carrying your story then for me there really is no story. 

Like every great product needs a salesman, every great book needs great characters. And really I don't ask for much. And there is no sure fire formula of characteristics that makes the perfect character. But here are some characteristics that certainly won't hurt any: humor, sensitivity, strength, determination, dedication, loyalty, forgiveness, personality, and depth. But most importantly your character needs to grow. Your character should definitely not be the same person at the end of the book that they were at the beginning of the book. Especially if you are going to put them through trials or tribulations at all. Everyone changes in the face of adversity!

Do you agree with this general list of characteristics? Are there any you would add? Take away?

But of course we all know that without a good story to back up these characters well we would just have great characters. So really the two work in tandem. You really can't have one without the other, well at least in my opinion. To be a Must Devour book, you definitely need to have both--characters and story.

I have liked many different characters over my years of reading, too many to count. And not all of them have been the hero/heroine. And that leads me to the next part of this little talk. 

When it comes to character love, do you prefer the hero/heroine or the villain?

Now I will say that usually my love goes to the hero/heroine. But there are those villains I love--villains I hold  a soft spot for. Usually that happens when the author gives me an insight into the villain and why they tick. When an author doesn't really give me that insight or doesn't hint that there is more to the villain than just being the villain then I have a hard time not wanting them dead. 

I love it when an author can make me love all their characters. This doesn't happen often, but when it does, it is like pure reading bliss. 

And how do you know you have found a character you love? Well sometimes it really is as simple as an emotional attachment. If I am left thinking about your character when the book is all read and done then chances are it's a great character. And if I will devour anything with that character and I find myself crying, cheering, laughing, or yelling at the character; chances are pretty good that I will love that character.

Now what do I do once I find a character I love? On my blog I have started this little thing called Character Time where I spotlight a character and why they are my favorite. 

So, what do you do once you find your favorite characters? Do you shout it from the rooftops or do you keep them all to yourselves?

No, there is no magic formula for the perfect character, but that won't stop authors from trying to create them, and that certainly won't stop me from devouring them in search of my next favorite character.

"Devouring worlds, one book and recipe at a time."


  1. I agree, Danielle. Characters make (or break) a story (whether on the page or screen). Every blogger should copy your Character Time features. Love!

    Lovin’ the new blog design, btw! ;)

    1. Thanks Nikki! I agree. You can definitely have a great story and have a character ruin it. Especially on the screen. I have thought about turning my Character Time into a feature, but I didn't know if there would be any interest.

      Thanks I love the design too! And I'm not done yet, there will more design changes coming!! :)

  2. I will admit to generally loving the side characters the most which is why I started my Sidekick Saturdays. The characteristics you listed are spot-on, but I also like mine with a good dose of snark from time to time. They definitely have to grow! That's a must :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven

    1. Jaclyn,

      Snark definitely adds a little something. I am extremely fond of sarcasm. Speaks to my heart! I like your Sidekick Saturday's. Thanks for stopping by!