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Review: Detect Me by Selma Wolfe

Detect Me
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When Nikki Reed walks into Mark Harrison's office, she's there to sell out. Nikki is finally ready to give up her dream of being a professional artist and get a sensible 9-5 job. Working in marketing probably won't be so bad, especially with a hot boss like Mark.

Only it's Detective Harrison, and Nikki's in the wrong office.

Mark is hot on the trail of notorious art thief Ghost, and when Nikki's art knowledge proves useful, she finds herself dragged along for the adventure.

As she starts to fall for Mark's brilliance and gruff kindness, Nikki knows she has to fight it - Mark is a workaholic who clearly isn't interested in a serious relationship. And while Mark finds himself wanting to investigate Nikki as closely as one of his cases, he knows the consequences could be dire if he gets too close.

Because every detective has a past, and the secrets in Mark’s could prove deadly for both of them.
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*Received free copy from author in exchange for an honest review

My Review: 3.5 Delectably Up to Snuff

Out of work artist Nikki Reed is desperate for a job, on her way to an interview she walks into the wrong office and finds herself face to face with a masterpiece in person, Detective Harrison. Detective Harrison is on the hunt for a notorious art thief and Nikki's expertise is just what he is looking for. As the trail to the art thief get's hot so does the attraction between the two. But not everything is as it seems, Detective Harrison has a secret, one that could put them both in harms way.

First of all I have to say that I loved the easy flow that Detect Me had. It was easy for me to get caught up in the story, especially the chemistry between the two lead characters Nikki and Mark. I think Selma Wofe did a great job of giving me an insight into both of the characters with the way that she told the story from both POV's. And it wasn't an every other chapter thing either, she alternated POV's in the middle of the chapter. And usually that would bug me, but Selma Wolfe did it with such finesse that I found myself loving it! 

I also loved that despite the instant attraction between the two characters there wasn't an instant you are the love of my life moment. The attraction and relationship grew over the period of the story. I found both characters intriguing and really enjoyed getting to know each of them. And I secretly really loved the secrets that Mark was hiding. I loved the tension that it brought to the story. 

However, I am a little confused on how Mark became a detective and wished that more emphasis was given on his past. This is a character that I really want to know and I want to believe in but with his background I have a trouble seeing how he ended up as a detective. And despite loving the story I did have a few technical issues with the moments that involved police officers. I am not an expert in police procedure but I don't think what was written was completely accurate. But I do understand what Selma Wolfe was going for. All in all those moments didn't get in the way of my enjoyment!

Detect Me was a fast paced read that was over in the blink of an eye. It had adventure, suspense, a little mystery and just enough romance to leave me wanting more. Detect Me is perfect for that quick weekend read. 

"Hi? Good morning. I sort of forgot...."
"Pants?" Mark couldn't help suggesting. Nikki glared at him. (pdf., p. 76).

First of all I love this moment because it's funny, and second I love it because it shows their awkwardness around each other!

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