Friday, February 22, 2013

Joe Vampire (Character Time #6)

As far as characters go there is no character like Joe. Sure he is a vampire, as his name says, but he is not your everyday garden variety vampire. Are there such things as garden variety vampires?! Huh, oh well. Either way Joe is different. First of all Joe does not sparkle. EVER! Second, becoming a vampire did not give Joe god like looks. And third, he writes a blog! 

You see before becoming Joe Vampire, Joe was well Joe, an average guy, with a less than stellar life. And he certainly didn't ask to be turned into a vampire so when it happened and he discovered what it really meant to be a vampire, he did what any warm-hearted person.....I mean cold-hearted vampire would do, he started a blog. But it wasn't just any blog, it was a blog about the cold, hard facts of being a vampire. 

I have to say that I loved his blog and his approach. You see Joe didn't sugar coat anything, in fact there were times when I was covering my eyes saying too much information, that is too. Much. Information! But despite Joe's urge to over share, I do have to say that this improved with his blogging comeback in The Afterlife , I found him to be absolutely hilarious!! Seriously laugh out loud funny! 

You see Joe doesn't just blog, he blogs with style, he does it with humor, sarcasm, and cussing, lots of cussing, but he's working on that! There is just something about the way he writes that is so real, that you can't help but connect with him. It doesn't matter that he's a vampire because Joe blogs about more than vampirism, he blogs about life. The ups and downs, the happy times and the not so happy times. Oh sure his life involves vampirism more than most, but you put that aside and he is still just Joe, the guy trying to make it through life and find his happy ending. 

On the outside, Joe is that guy/vampire that you might pass walking down the street and might not even notice, but you put him on the internet, and boy does he shine! In fact there is this one post where he talks about what happens when you shine as bright as him.....totally have to read it! Anyway, when Joe is on his blog he is no longer the average man that you pass walking down the street. He is the man/vampire that persevered through unbearable circumstances and came out a better man and vampire because of it. 

And I for one can say, that Joe can write my life story any time! 

So if you like funny, sarcasm and vampires then you need to check these books out! I promise you will laugh hysterically!!

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  1. I love funny, sarcasm and vampires! This post was great :D I enjoyed learning more about Joe Vampire and his blogging. Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven