Sunday, February 10, 2013

Easy Valentine Nutella Truffles

In honor of Valentine's day and my love of all things Nutella I have decided to post a simple recipe for all you fellow chocolate lovers. Or for all you guys out there looking to make a good impression on your special sweet someone. Trust me this recipe is so easy, even my 11 year old could do it. You don't even need a stove, just a microwave. So stick around and read through if you want to learn how to make one of these.....

Now I have to say that I completely stumbled into this recipe. You see one day I was making biscuit donuts and decided what is better than a cinnamon and sugar donut? A Nutella filled cinnamon and sugar donut......I thought I was pretty genius with this one. I melted my Nutella and I was ready to go, but then I thought why not make it creamier and add some cream? Eh, wrong-o! The minute the cream hit the Nutella it seized up forming a fudge like substance. Oh sure it still tasted good, but it was definitely no good for filling a donut. So no Nutella filled donuts that morning, but I did get to stuff my face with awesome Nutella deliciousness!! Complete upside there.....and I discovered this awesome recipe. And now I get to share my amazing mistake with all you lovely internet people!!!

Nutella Truffles

1 Cup Nutella
3 Tbsp. Heavy Whipping Cream
1/3 Cup of Smashed Hazelnuts

In a medium microwave safe glass bowl (not a cereal bowl), place Nutella, now microwave it for 30 seconds. Yes only 30 seconds. Nutella is temperamental and has a tendency to scorch if heated any longer. Remove the melted Nutella from the microwave and stir. Should be runnier than before heating, but not chocolate syrup runny. Now add the 3 Tablespoons of cream and mix. Mixture should be pretty thick. Like this....

Now place mixture in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes to an hour. Really the longer the better. While the chocolate mixture is in the fridge take your hazelnuts  place them in a sandwich bag and smash them with a rolling pin. (If they are not already smashed). Now you want your hazelnuts to be pretty fine, if you look in my earlier picture you don't see too many large chunks. Place smashed hazelnuts on a plate, remove chocolate from the fridge, using a melon baller, small ice cream scoop or your hands form balls. The size really depends on you. Make them how big or small you want. You may need to roll them in your hands a little to get smooth balls, but then again you might not. Once the truffles are formed roll them in your hazelnuts, now they should look like this.....

Now here comes the real hard part......once all the truffles are formed and rolled in hazelnuts place them back in the fridge for another hour. They will be soft due to all the handling. If you resisted the temptation to devour them all, now you can be rewarded by eating them. And if you are really nice then you can share them. Trust me they will make an excellent Valentine's gift.....that is if you can manage to not eat them all!!

Good Luck, Happy eating and Happy Valentine's day!! (I know it's not really V-Day, but happy anyway!)

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  1. NUTELLAAA! It's been awhile since I've eaten Nutella. Best thing ever tasted. Minus Chocolate of course. Then again, Nutella does have chocolate :D

    ~Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts

    1. I love Nutella it is literally like my crack!! I would put it in everything if I could find way. :) Thanks!