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For the Love of Cupid (A Cupid Story Part 3)

First I want to say thank you for taking the time to read my little adventure. What started out as a little Valentine's tale turned into something much bigger. I had so much fun writing this and I hope that you had fun reading it. Not sure if or when I will ever write anything like this for the blog again. 

If you have not begun this Cupid journey yet then you can find them here: Part 1 and Part 2

Hope you enjoy and without further ado I give you the final installment.....

For the Love of Cupid

            Drake stood on a large hill overlooking the cemetery at the friends that attended Ana’s funeral. He was shocked at the number of friends she had made in her short time on earth. At first he was certain her death was a hoax, but the tears and anguish rolling of her friends was real enough to convince him.

            “How in the hell did this happen? She was supposed to be my Queen!” Drake roared shooting an energy ball at the tree across from him causing it to split in two.

            The mourners all jumped at the sound and Drake soaked in their fear glowing with power.

            Drake took a deep breath absorbing the rest of the fear and sorrow that the mourners oozed, “This is not over.” Drake stated glaring at Law his second in command and they both vanished.

            “Do you think he bought it?” I asked as soon as Rebecca came back from my funeral.

            “Well it was definitely one hell of a light display if you know what I mean?” Rebecca joked flinging herself on the couch nearest me.

            “That just means he’s angry. Drake may have a quick temper, but he is very smart. We can’t underestimate him.” I warned.

            “Don’t worry Ana, we’ll get Derek back.” She said squeezing my hand.

            I gave her a slight smile. “I know. I just don’t want to be too cocky.” I know what Drake is like. Smart as a whip, slick as an eel and sly as a fox and I knew there was no way he was going to give up that easy. He probably had scouts all over the magical realm searching for me. Drake’s arms reached far.

            “I’m not cocky. I just know we are going to find Derek and that we are going to kick Drake’s little Cupid ass off the throne.”

             “That my dear is cocky.” I said shaking my head at Rebecca as I left the room.

            “Ugh!” I screamed punching the mat.

            “You have to calm down Ana. Calm your emotions, steady your spirit and find your balance.” Marleek lectured for the thousandth time.

            “You know Marleek, it doesn’t matter how many times you say that, I still can’t get it!” I huffed getting up off the floor—again.

            “It really isn’t that different than using your Cupid magic. Only instead of drawing on emotions I want you to draw on spirit. Pull it close to you, let it wrap you up like a blanket and just when you are cocooned release the energy out of your hands. But first, you have to control your emotions.”

            I let out a frustrated breath, visibly shook myself and concentrated on the place deep inside where my spirit magic dwelled. “Spirit, I need you.” I thought. Instantly I felt a tingling crawl across my skin as spirit responded to my call. As the tingle crawled across my body the tingle increased in intensity. I shot my hand up as soon as my entire body was humming.

            A bright blue energy ball shot out of my hand and flew aimlessly passed Marleek.

            “Much better. Now we just have to work on your speed and then we can work on shielding.”

            “Still seems backwards to me. Shouldn’t shielding come first?” I asked.

            “I already told you. You need to know what it’s like to take a hit from an energy ball. Drake is ten times more powerful and more experienced than you. He won’t hesitate and he won’t show mercy. Now resume your fighting stance, we will finish off with some sparring.”

            And that was it—end of discussion.

            “You ready?” Rebecca asked placing two scimitar’s in the sheath on her back. I placed my two Katana’s on my back and took a good look at us in the mirror.

            We were both clad in black leather, tall black lace up boots—no heel, and armed to the teeth. I had my long black hair in a simple French braid while Rebecca had her fire red hair in two matching French braids. Talk about avenging angels. We were definitely a sight to see. A wicked smile lit my face.

            “Let’s get us a Cupid.”

            We went to the training room to wait for the others.

            “Rebecca, you have to promise me—that no matter what happens, that you will get Derek out of there.” I said.

            “Don’t worry so much.” She grinned.

            “Promise me.” I said firmly.

            “Okay, I swear, if anything happens to you I will get Derek out of there.”

            “Thank you.” I said as the rest of the team showed up.

            “Everyone clear on the plan?” Marleek asked. Everyone nodded. “All right, Ana—you’re on.”

            I took one more look at Rebecca, turned to light and vanished.

            I appeared just inside of Drake’s chambers. Drake was on his couch watching TV when I appeared.

            “Anastasia, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.” Drake said lazily not attempting to get up.

            “And you’re not.” I said. Hiding my shock at his lack of surprise. This wasn’t right. He should be surprised to see me. I felt a tingle cross my spine and I instantly knew that this was a trap.

            “Don’t worry your friends will be here soon.”

            “Where is Derek?” I asked through clenched teeth.

            “What’s the rush, Ana, can’t we catch up on old times?” Drake taunted sitting up.


            “Oh, come on Ana don’t be like that. It was nothing personal.”

            “Bullshit! It was completely personal. You tricked me, used Derek and—you know what? No, no I’m not doing this!” I proclaimed shooting an energy ball into the cushion right next to him.

            Drake looked at the spot where my energy ball singed the cushion. “Oh someone has spunk. Sit down Ana and let’s talk. I will not ask again.”

            I sat on a small wood table furthest away from Drake facing the door. There was no way I was going to get cozy with him.

            Drake chuckled. “Fine have it your way. Now about Derek. I don’t have him anymore.”

            “I don’t believe you.” I stated trying to reign in my emotions. I was beginning to feel my emotions slipping. Cold fear gripping my heart.

            Suddenly alarms were blaring. Completely rattling my brains.

            Drake clapped his hands together. “Ah, I do believe your friends have arrived.” The doors swung open and in walked our three shifters and five hunters. All magically bound with their hands behind their backs. With what appeared to be magical halos around their heads. Each of them escorted by a member of Drake’s command. Drake strode over to my friends and inspected them.

            I sighed in relief when I noticed that Marleek and Rebecca were not among them. Thank the heavens there was still hope.

            “Now where were we?” Drake asked turning his attention towards me. “Ah, yes, Derek. Poor little Derek. You see I traded him with the Shifters. I just couldn’t take his begging anymore. So, I got rid of him. And who knows what they’ll do to him.” Drake taunted.

            “Fine. Then it looks like my problem is with them.” I said standing acting like I was getting ready to leave. “Now let my friends go and I will be on my way.”

            “Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. You see no one is leaving. As soon as you stepped foot in this room your power to vanish was bound. So unless you are walking out of here—which I doubt. You aren’t going anywhere.”

            I drew one of my daggers and threw it at the Cupid standing closest to the door. The dagger flew straight and true, hitting the Cupid right in the heart.

            The Cupid dropped. The rest of Drake’s command looked ready to spring on me, pulsing with anger. We all looked at Drake expectantly.

            “If that’s how you want it—fine. Kill them.” Drake said with malice as he threw an energy ball at me.

            I threw myself behind the couch, the cushions taking the heat from his magic. I stood up and shot an energy ball of my own at him, Drake easily stepping out of the way, one of his command taking the blow. I looked at my situation and knew that I was seriously out numbered. Drake and I both threw energy balls at the same time. They collided mid-air knocking both of us off our feet.

            I scrambled towards Drake’s desk. Knowing that was where the control panel was for the entire compound. But Drake must have sensed where I was going because the next thing I knew I was flying through the air as Drake picked me up by my hair and flung me towards the door. I tucked my head and shoulders in using the momentum to turn my landing into a flip bringing me gracefully to my feet. I looked at the battle raging on before me. Noticing that despite being bound my team managed to take out three of Drake’s command. But we were losing.

            I made my way back over to the desk when I realized that I no longer saw Drake. I paused looking for him when I felt his hands grip my arms. I couldn’t move.

            “That’s right, Ana. I still have power over you. Now you and I are going to take a little walk.” Drake hissed in my ear. Drake turned me around and pushed me towards the door. Automatically I began walking. It was weird and robotic. I fought it with every ounce of energy I had. Drake pushed me again. “Don’t bother fighting it.”

            We walked down Cupid headquarters main hall. I knew where we were, but no idea where we were going. This hall literally could take you anywhere.

            “Where are you taking me Drake?”

            “Some place where we can be alone.” Drake said pushing me again.

            “I know you didn’t trade Derek. I have spies too you know.”

            “I know. And your spies told you exactly what I wanted them to tell you.” Part of me began quake with fear. What if he was telling the truth and Derek wasn’t here.

            We turned down a narrow dark hall and I immediately knew where we were going—the dungeons. This had to be where he had Derek otherwise I was in real trouble. This most definitely was not part of the plan. Marleek and Rebecca would have no idea where I was, but luckily they will be able to help the others I thought in relief.

            Drake opened the door to a stone chamber revealing Rebecca and Derek both chained to the wall.

            My heart sunk and soared at the same time. On one hand I knew I was screwed and on the other I was relieved that Derek was still here—and alive.

            “Ana, don’t do anything he says. No matter what.” Rebecca pleaded through a busted lip.

            I winced just looking at her. She had taken one hell of a beating. The entire right side of her face was swollen and bleeding. It was hard to tell from what exactly.

            “Now Anastasia. Who are you going to save? Your best friend Rebecca?” He said running his finger primed with magic down the left side of her face leaving a wide gash in her cheek.

            Rebecca screamed out in pain. “Bastard.” She spit with venom.

            “Or your love Derek?” Drake spat as he placed his hand thrumming with magic on Derek’s chest. Derek screamed with agony and I nearly fell over in pain. He had been through hell. His face was sunken and bruised and his entire body riddled with new and old wounds caused by both magic and blades.

            Derek opened his one good eye and looked at me with an amazing amount of love. Even after all that he had been through, he still loved me. I would have hated me, I did hate me. It was my selfishness that got us into this mess in the first place.

            “I am so sorry Derek. Sorry to bring you into this, sorry that Drake is such a pansy that-“ I cried as Drake slapped me across the face using the full force of his magic to bring me to my knees. I tasted blood on my tongue and spit it out.

            “Don’t push me Ana. Even I have only so much patience. Even for you.” He spat bending down so he was whispering in my ear. Putting all my body weight on the balls of my feet I shot myself up cracking Drake in the nose.

            “Son of a--you broke my nose.” He roared grabbing his nose. He spit out the blood that had made its way into his mouth and looked at me with pure hatred. He reached his arm back and shot an energy ball right for Derek.

            Marleek appeared between Derek and the energy ball his body absorbing its magic.

            “Now that’s not nice Drake. Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” Marleek said as he shot an energy ball at Drake knocking him against the stone wall.

            I scrambled over to Derek and Rebecca using my magic to free them. Rebecca helped me get Derek on his feet as we made our way towards the door.

            “Marleek?” I asked.

            “Go, I will be right behind you.” He said kicking Drake in the side.

            I nodded as we made our way out of Cupid headquarters.

            “You can see him now.” Marleek said as he came out of Derek’s room.

            I entered Derek’s room and was happy to see that his wounds had fully healed and his face was back to normal. I drank him in memorizing every detail. When I met his eyes he smiled lighting up his entire face.

            “Hey beautiful.”

            My face flushed with heat at his sultry voice. “How are you feeling?” I asked.

            “Great considering. So you’re an Angel huh?”

            I walked over to his bed and sat down next to him. “Guess so.” I replied nervously.

            “Should have known you were out of my league.” He teased grabbing my hand.

            “I’m not out of your league. You’re out of mine. I don’t deserve you, I never did.” I said silent tears streaming down my face.

            Derek wiped my tears and kissed me gently and with so much love I almost completely lost it.

            “It’s okay Ana. Marleek already told me. I know we can’t be together. I know about the deal you made to save my life. I will be eternally grateful and will never, ever forget you.” He whispered resting his forehead on mine.

            I placed my hand over his heart. “Know that my heart will always belong to you. And I will never forget you, you are eternally mine.” We kissed each other passionately, putting everything we felt for each other in that kiss. There was so much longing, desire, trust and love between us my spirit magic soared inside of me.

            “Time to go Ana.” Marleek said through the door.

            We kissed each other one last time. As I was walking out the door Derek said, “At least I can say I dated an Angel.”        

Well that's it for Anastasia, hope you liked her tale! Let me know what you think in the comments, I would love to hear from you!!

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  1. Oh man! Noo! I mean yes awesome writing Danielle but Derek!!!
    I especially liked the last scene between them <3 .
    Is it possible for him to turn into an angel or something? After death atleast?

    But seriously great job. Hope you can keep churning out tales like these. I will be there to read them if you do. =D

    1. Madiha,

      Thank you so much for being a fan. Your words seriously make me blush. I think there needs to be a favorite's button in the comment section! You just made my day!

      As far as Derek is concerned all I can say is that his story is not over.......take that as you will. Hopefully I will be brave again and post that here too.

      Thanks for the encouraging words, they mean the world to me!!