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Top Ten Characters of 2012

Well today is day three of this epic flashback to 2012  Hosted by: A Life Bound By BooksConfessions of a BookaholicTwo Chicks On BooksFiktshun, and Magical Urban Fatasy Reads!

As I read through the suggested topics for the day I decided that I had to do something different. I was originally going to do Top 10 Villians, but decided that since I love to spotlight characters so much that I would have to do my Top Ten Characters of 2012!

1. Dirk Pitt
I think that it is only fitting that Dirk be my number 1 favorite character as he was also my very first character spotlight in Character Time! He exemplifies everything I love in a character he's strong, funny, loyal, bad a**, smart, passionate, considerate and would do anything for those in need and those he calls friends!! Now that is an awesome character!!

2. Chase Williams
There are a lot of qualities in Chase that are also found in Dirk and in some ways I could say that the two are similar, but when it comes to Chase, he has a certain level of stubbornness and youth that really makes him my number two! Chase is also loyal, strong, funny, bad a**, passionate and would do anything for the innocent and those he calls friends and family. But he also never learns his lesson the first time and seems rather a gluten for punishment and in certain cases is rather naive! It all makes me think of how vulnerable and fragile he really is even though he is deemed the Protector. 

3. Sammy Berhane Jr. 
Oh my gosh! Sammy is one of those characters that just pulls at my heart strings. There are many qualities to love in Sammy, a character who is dedicated to fighting against the evils (Aegis and Thirteens) that plague the world. And when I think about Sammy I have to remind myself just how young he is because the things he does and has been through just completely blow my mind!! Sammy is one of those characters that I want to put in a cocoon and protect even though he is the last person who needs protecting. He is seriously one bad-a** character, who is also passionate, naive, loyal, strong, dedicated, smart as hell, and of course will do anything for those he has vowed to protect and those he calls friends!

4. Rayna
Obviously I really like the Protector series and I think I could pick all 10 characters from this series alone. Because seriously M.R. Merrick does incredible work when it comes to characters; and that I just love!! So what is it about Rayna that I love so much? Well first of all she is seriously bad-a**, never backs down from a fight, passionate, compassionate, loyal, funny, vulnerable and of course will do anything for those she calls friends and family. (Beginning to see a theme here)

5. Graylee Perez
Gray is one of those characters that seriously gets better as the books progress. She is strong and powerful but doesn't even know it. She has this level of innocence about her that really makes me feel for her. She is naive and trusting, loyal, kind, and funny.

6. Gavin Cassidy
First off, Gavin is a musician and what isn't there to love about that?! But seriously Gavin is the reluctant hero in the Just Breathe series who is incredibly vulnerable, passionate, strong, powerful, while at the same time being a rebel and selfish. But not so selfish that he wouldn't give his life for the one he loves. 

7. Willy
Incredibly sweet and innocent, this stuttering demon completely stole my heart when I first read Exiled. He is afraid of everything, maybe even is own shadow, but he is loyal, kind, strong (even if he doesn't realize it), trustworthy, and would make the ultimate sacrifice for those he calls friends. His vulnerability is so raw that I want to wrap him up in a protective shell and hide him away from the cruel world he has been apart of for so long.

8. Nick Gautier
Nick is a new character in my world and I am extremely happy that I got to meet him! He is probably the biggest smart a** that I have ever met, incredibly loyal, vulnerable, innocent, powerful (and doesn't even know it), and completely naive to the world around him. He would do anything for his mother and is constantly striving to be better.

9. Raj McKenna
I think I like Raj because he is definitely not your typical hero. But he's not reluctant either, he gladly steps up to the plate when the time comes. But you see everyone thinks he is the bad boy and he really doesn't do anything to change peoples minds. He is loyal, powerful, strong, vulnerable, and definitely not what people think.

10. Al Giordino
Now just because Al is last on this list don't for a second think that he is any less a character than his best friend Dirk Pitt. You see Al is incredibly loyal, trustworthy, strong, pig headed, crazy, funny, adventurous, incredibly smart, a romeo, and would do anything for his best friend Dirk, and for the innocent. 

There you have it, my Top 10 characters of 2012! All characters that I would love to call friends and would be glad to call to back me up if ever the time came. 

So have any characters stood out to you this year??? I would love to hear about them!

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  1. I haven't actually read any of the books that these characters are in. I think I actually have a copy of Entangled so I guess I'll have to read it soon!
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  2. I haven't read any of those titles, but I have to admit.. you made me SOO curious about at least three. Argh! Great list! :D

    Happy Holidays,