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The Burning of Isobel Key by Jen McConnel (Review)

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My Summary
A bit lost in her life Lou travels to Scotland for a vacation hoping to figure out what's next in her life.

But she finds more than she ever imagined as she finds herself drawn to the witch burnings in the Highlands of Scotland. But one witch in particular has her intrigued and she begins seeking the truth of her particular case. And as she unravels the story behind Isobel Key she begins to unravel a bit of herself and where her future lays. 

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My Review: 3.5 Up to Snuff
While this book is not my usual book I have to say that the story definitely had me intrigued. I love stories that involve witches but the witches in this story were not the typical supernatural witches we have come to know and love. Instead we are transported to a time when normal people are accused of being a witch because they are just a little bit different. Much like the Salem witch trials in the United States this book focuses on the witch trials of Scotland.

I really enjoyed following Lou as the story of both her and Isobel Key were unraveled piece by piece throughout the book. The whole book I was wondering how are these two connected? Because I just knew that deep down they had to be. It was my desire to answer that question that kept me turning pages. This story had great depth and provided a rich knowledge of both where the tale takes place and the witches within the story. As I was reading it I found myself thinking that this book felt real, and that I could really imagine the things that happened within the book.

This book piqued my interest in the history of one of my favorite topics, witches, gave me a little love and a taste of adventure.

What I didn't like about the book: Despite my love for witches this book really wasn't what I usually look for in a witch story; at times the alternating chapters and the interludes seemed tedious and I found myself wanting to read a solid block of one story or the other instead of every other chapter, at times I found the story to move a little slow, not sure if this is connected to the alternating chapters or another issue; and of course I really wanted there to be some supernatural, but it was still a story about witches!!

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Favorite Character Moment:
This is one of my favorite moments in the book because it finally answered the question that plagued me throughout the book. Well, this quote is what leads to it! :) You really didn't think I would give the answer away did you? You have to read the book!

"Read it. Go on, read it!" (ebook, loc. 30054).

A bit sneaky, the quote both promotes you to read the book and is actually from the book!! Ha!

"Devouring worlds, one book and recipe at a time."

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