Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Blog Interruption

Well kind of anyway...okay so it is the end of the year and like most I am looking back at my blog trying to see if I am accomplishing what I want to accomplish and well I have discovered a few things. First, though I am a food and book blog the book portion has most certainly taken over and considering I have a deep rooted love for both I can not allow this to happen. Second, the blog doesn't look how I want it to look. If you have been following me since I began in July then surely you have noticed my design and name ADD as I have struggled to find a design and name that speaks to me and represents what I am doing here on the blog. I promise that I will not change the name again, I think this new title sums the blog up rather nicely. Third, there is no rime or reason to my posts. I just sort of post what I want when I want. Again with the ADD. Sorry, its a problem, one I would say that I am trying to fix, but I would be lying. I kind of like my ADD thing, it keeps me and everyone around me on their toes. Hehehe!

Soooooo, with these things in mind I have decided to change things up around here. First, I am adding what I hope will be some consistency to my posts by listing them out. By hoping I mean, I hope that I will post in this order because well you will expect it. And hopefully this will keep me on a deadline of sorts. I always work better under pressure and frankly I wasn't getting enough with my old style of posting. So this is what I expect my posts to look like for the new year. Of course I plan to start implementing these things next week as sort of a trial run.

Monday- Character Time (what was once a monthly thing will now be weekly :))
Top Ten Tuesday- (really love this meme)
Wednesday Offerings- Non dessert related food post 
Demonic Thursday- of course all things demonic (not sure what this looks like yet) 
Friday Free Day- Expect any random thought or musing, really it could be anything!
Treat Day Saturday- Baking edition food post
Sizzling Review Sunday- Review of book I read

Of course I will post other book reviews throughout the week, this is one thing I don't want to limit. 

As far as my design ADD goes I am going to make a number of changes in what I hope to be the first couple of months into the year. I have a general idea of what this is going to look like, but I am not going to share my secrets you will have to stay tuned to find out about all the fun!

Well there you have it, changes this way come and I hope you like them as much as I do. Please let me know how things are working for you or if you have any suggestions on how I can improve things.

"Devouring worlds, one book and recipe at a time."

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