Thursday, December 13, 2012

Eve Duncan (Character Time #4)

This month, and in light of finding a serious lack of strong females in books lately I have decided to do my character time on just such a female. She is a character I love to hate and she absolutely takes crap from no one. She has been through hell, in fact most women would be a blubbering mess after what she has gone through, but not Eve Duncan, my character spotlight by Iris Johansen.

If you are unfamiliar with Eve Duncan's story well then allow me to introduce you to this tough as nails female. Eve Duncan has endured what all mothers dread, her daughter, Bonnie was kidnapped and murdered and her body never found. Torn apart by the loss of her daughter, Eve copes the only way she knows how, by throwing herself into work. As a forensic sculptor and having never experienced the closure that comes with finding her daughter's body, Eve is determined to not only bring her daughter home, but every lost child out there.

She is filled with an amazing amount of tenacity as time after time the lure of bringing home her daughter puts her in danger. Despite being friends with and having the love of one of the toughest male characters I have had the pleasure of knowing, Eve continually puts herself in harms way to bring her daughter home, always willing to place her life on the line.

You see she is so pig headed and stuck in her desire to bring home her daughter she often misses what is right in front of her. Like the love of a courageous man who would do absolutely anything for her including putting his life on the line, as he does time and time again in this series. I admire her desire to never give up, but wish she would open her heart to those around her and for once admit that she can't do everything on her own. 

Every time I read these books I find myself both cheering Eve on and wanting to choke her. She is the epitome of strength, has understated beauty, not quick to fall in love, is never too quick to trust, loyal to those she calls family and will fight anyone and anything to protect them. Dependent till the end and really has that never say die attitude. Though I love to hate her I wish more characters were like her. We really need more strong females in books.

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