Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Eating My Words

Okay, let me begin by letting everyone know that I am very impulsive. When I get an idea, brilliant or not I usually do it! I like to think that I weigh all options, but realistically I don't, well not always. There are some things that I always do this on.

Recently I posted outlining what I wanted my blog's weekly schedule to look like. Now I debated about this for a while, I even lost sleep over it, but after seeing all the meme's that people do I thought, maybe I needed to keep my blog consistent, so here enter's my weekly blog schedule. Maybe that would make my blogging life simpler?

Ehh, wrong! Big wrong! After attempting to keep with my schedule I found myself stressing way too much about my blog. If you know me then you know that I already stress about my blog. I stress over every word, every thought, recipe, book review, interview and on and on. But with this schedule I was doubly stressed and blogging started to loose some of its appeal.

So now this is me {Enter the title of this post}, that's right I am going to eat my words!! Yes, I still plan to do all of those things, but I will no longer expect myself to post certain things on certain days. I much prefer the spontaneity of posting whatever I am in the mood for. So yes, I will still post recipes, book reviews, character time, but I will also post whatever suits my fancy at that exact moment!

I mean I love pressure as much as the next guy, in fact I like to call myself the queen of procrastination because I thrive under pressure. But blogging is supposed to be for fun, so it should stay fun, right???

Now I know there have been tons of posts about this lately, but I really would love to hear anyone's thoughts about this.

Do you ever feel pressure to post the same thing week after week? Or pressure to do meme's? 

"Devouring worlds, one book and recipe at a time."

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