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The Key Inheritance by Jen McConnel (Review)

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My Summary
Lou is back in Scotland after a ten year hiatus, only this time it is no vacation. While dealing with some depressing family news, Lou is forced to deal with two things that should be left in the past: Brian, her vacation lover and a ghost from another time who is out for blood. 
Will the magic that Lou has embraced be enough to send the ghost back to where it belongs? Or will the ghost send Lou packing back to her life in the United States?

My Review: 4-Delectable
I am very happy to say that this book brought me what I thought was missing from The Burning of Isobel Key, magic! And it even brought a bit of the paranormal with a ghost. I thought this novella was pretty fast paced as the story moved along quickly. My main complaint is that I think I could have done without the visits to the past. For me these were the slower moments in the book and I don't really feel like they added much to the story. That said I did like the suspense that I found in this book as we discovered that Lou was being haunted by a vicious ghost out for vengeance.

We get to see that Lou is more comfortable with the fact that she is a witch and is no longer afraid to practice her art. We see that she has grown into a much more mature young woman who has finally accepted who she is.

On top of getting to see her use magic we get to see Brian again as she sees him for the first time in ten years! And I loved the tension between her and Brian as he was torn between hating her and loving her. I was really happy to see that there was no instant love, and that they didn't just pick up right where they left off after 10 years.

However, I really wish that this novella took place closer to the ending of The Burning of Isobel Key because I really feel like a lot of time had passed. It would have been really nice to get glimpses into Lou's life as she grew to be that mature, confidant young woman.

Overall a really good, fast paced read that gives you a spark of magic, a splash of paranormal and the tingling of romance.

Releases: January 15, 2013

*Author gave me an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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Favorite Character Moment:
"The fire shot up, and she jumped back quickly. Her fingertips were singed, but Lou knew she couldn't stop the ritual" (Kindle, loc. 3047). 

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