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Review: Option to Kill by Andrew Peterson

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My Summary
A mysterious text message using a code that no one should know, sends Nathan McBride on a dangerous ride as he rescues a kidnapped girl, Lauren, and sets a dangerous chain of events in motion.

Now on his own with the rescued girl, he becomes the hunted. As he fights ruthless mercenaries, the law and he unravels the mystery behind Lauren and her kidnapper, Nathan realizes that there is more to the story. With more than his life on the line, Nathan embarks on a crazy 36 hour mission to bring justice to Lauren and her family. 
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 My Review: 5-Must Devour
My first reaction to this story........Oh-my-freaking-gosh!! What an exhilarating adventure!! The action in this book far surpassed that in the first two books! With Nathan tackling ruthless mercenaries by himself and in most cases out gunned and out numbered. The action in this book was so believable and vivid that I had no problems envisioning the events in my mind thanks to the crazy amount of details from Andrew Peterson. Even though I have never fired a gun, let alone held a gun the description of the gun play in this book makes me feel like I already have!!

With every book I read my love for Nathan grows, he is definitely the most formidable character that I think I have ever read and he is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite characters!!!!

But great action is not the only thing that makes this book so amazing. In this book Nathan responds to a cry for help from a girl who knows something about him that she shouldn't. She claims she is kidnapped and instead of ignoring the call, like most would, he responds to her plea and jumps head first into a world of trouble. As he rescues this girl, Lauren he suddenly becomes the hunted as he is seen fleeing the scene of an accident with the girl in tow. Now not only does he have to save the girl from her ruthless attacker, he has to manage to not get arrested. Which proves to be easier said than done. On a crazy race to save the girl and stop the hunt, Nathan discovers there is more to her than he ever could have imagined, and that she will change his life forever!!!

A complete action packed adventure that you don't want to miss! This book solidifies Nathan's stance as a crazy talented, not to be messed with hero who will do anything for the innocent!! I can't wait to see what waits for Nathan next in this amazing series!!

Favorite Character Moment:
This is just one reason why Nathan is so seriously kick-a**!! There are many more examples of this throughout the book, but I like this one!! :)
"At close range--in just under four seconds--Nathan had fired six shots and recorded six hits. All three men were dead or dying, and they hadn't returned a single shot." (kindle, loc. 3142). 

"Devouring worlds, one book and recipe at a time." 

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