Thursday, January 17, 2013

Review: Near Death by Richard C Hale

*Cover and Synopsis from Goodreads

For Jake Townsend, the loss was shattering. And every night for the past two years, he has relived the horror of what happened. The moonless night. The piercing screams. The horrific crash. The night his wife was taken from him. The last time he saw her alive.

Everyone tells him to move on. But for Jake, there can be no closure. A message appears in his dreams--a warning he is reluctant to heed.

The omens ignored, Jake finds himself caught between the desire to see his beloved wife again and disrupting the delicate balance of life and death. The technology he developed has shown him the path, and others will do anything to use it, but at what price?

He must choose, and the consequences may ultimately shatter his world.

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My Review: 4 Delectable
After reading the synopsis for this book I knew that despite it not being my usual type of read I just had to read this book. And I will just tell you that Richard Hale did not disappoint! From page one I was completely raptured by the story of Jake and his incredible loss. Leaving me completely curious as to where this story would lead. I mean how many of us wouldn't want to see our lost one's again or what lies in the great beyond?

I was impressed by how easy this book was to read and get hooked to. Richard Hale has a great ability to weave a story that not only leaves you wanting more, but satisfies your desire for suspense, sci-fi and love. The one thing that I wish I could have had more of was action. There was a brief glimpse of it, but it left me wanting more. Even though I knew that was not the kind of character Jake was I couldn't help but want it.  But I was happy to see that the elements in this book dabbled on the side of supernatural without actually going there, giving you just a teaser into this world.

I was completely blown away by the idea of the technology that Jake created in this book. By not only the ingenuity of it, but by the sheer believability! This is something that I could totally envision and could understand. Everything was vivid and Richard Hale's descriptions allowed my imagination to create the world in which Jake lived.

Favorite Character Moment:
"I would rather die than have this happen and I'm willing to do that to get her back."

I chose this moment because I think it is a pivotal moment for Jake. He has finally come to terms with his loss and realizes the ramifications of what he is creating. In this moment he realizes that there is more to life then his quest and he is willing to let love in his heart again. And to me that is just one of the things that makes this moment so great.

"Devouring worlds, one book and recipe at a time."

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