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Review: Inborn by J. Lawrence

Inborn (The Sagas of Di'Ghon, #1)
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The Code sings.
The Caller has returned.
The Blood of Ontar will rise again.

Thaniel was just trying to save his girl from a monster. He didn’t mean to awaken any ancient lurking magic. Now, powerful people have plans for his newly discovered Inborn abilities. As he does his best to extricate himself, he unwittingly sets off a chain of events that might cost him everything and everyone he loves.

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My Review: 4.5 Delectable
One day I was trolling Twitter when came a tweet from J. Lawrence advertising that his book Inborn now had a book trailer. Intrigued, I watched, and I knew instantly that I had to read that story. So, I immediately went to Amazon and purchased the book. I didn't get to read it right away, but the book was never far from my thoughts. The story of Thaniel calling me from a distance beckoning me to his tale. Finally I could bear it no longer and I gave in, I read the book and absorbed every detail that J. Lawrence gave me as if it were my next breath. 

The tale of Thaniel instantly tore at my heart strings. All he wanted was a kiss from his hearts desire, but what he got was so much more, his entire world being turned upside down as he suddenly discovers that he may be the cause of destruction across the nation. Talk about an ego killer.

One minute Thaniel is dreaming of his kiss and the next he is releasing something that is beyond his control and his understanding. I couldn't help but feel for the guy, I really liked him as a character. He is dedicated, loyal, strong, caring--sometimes overly so--brave and trusting. And unfortunately it is some of these traits that get him into trouble throughout the story. Although I can't help but blame Elycia for most of it. I know the fault lies with Thaniel, but once you read the story you can come back and tell me how much you wanted to smack her, and then we'll talk. 

I found all the characters completely enjoyable and I instantly fell in love with all of them. J. Lawrence managed to put a new spin on elemental magic both bringing us those elements we love and sparking our curiousity with one's we have yet to meet. I loved all the powerful forces at work in this story and can't wait to see where it all goes. 

The biggest problem I had with the book was the lack of explanation on the new elements that J. Lawrence introduced in the book. You go throughout the whole book not really knowing the magic that is being used by certain key characters only to discover it towards the end. And even then a description was not really given. So I still wonder about those new elements introduced into the magical mix. But that did not in any way get in the way of me enjoying this story. 

It was a great adventure from start to finish full of magic, action, mystery and humor. Definitely a fantasy series that will keep my imagination working overtime for a while. I definitely look forward to reading what is next for Thaniel, hoping that he is given the opportunity to be all that I know he can be. (I know it sounds cheesy, but I can't explain what I want without giving stuff away, so there).

Favorite Character Moment:
"You did that. Now remember, if you fail she dies with you."
"No pressure." Gabril said. (kindle, loc. 5372).

Well there are a few reasons I chose this moment. First, because I love Gabril's sarcastic attitude. Second, well because until that moment I was literally holding my breath as I waited to see if something happened (again can't tell you, cause that would be spoiler-y). And third, because it is where we finally get to see Thaniel dabble in his new found Inborn abilities. 

"Devouring worlds, one book and recipe at a time."

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