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Review: Just Breathe by Kendall Grey

*Cover and Synopsis from Goodreads

He made a deal with the devil to save the woman he loves…
After tragedy rocks the foundation of their relationship, Australian Sentinel Gavin Cassidy and whale biologist Zoe Morgan call it quits. Gavin can’t forgive himself for shattering her trust, and being with the sexy rock star is killing Zoe. Literally.
But love—and duty—are powerful motivators, and alliances are forged in the most unlikely places. With the key to salvation locked inside the mind of an unconscious child, Gavin must find another way to snuff out the Fyre Elementals before millions of humans die, or make good on his deal with the devil and lose the one he loves. Again.

*This book contains graphic language, sex, and violence. Not suitable for readers under the age of 18.

**The author will donate all profits from the sale of the JUST BREATHE trilogy to programs that educate people about whales and the challenges they face.

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*ARC given by author in exchange for an honest review
My Review: 5 Must Devour
After reading this the third and final installment in the Just Breathe series, my first reaction was Holy Freaking Hotness!!! 

Desperate and willing to do anything to stop the Fyre's Gavin make's the ultimate deal with the devil, and it absolutely killed me. I remember whispering the words no as Gavin met with the devil to discuss the details and when the deed was actually done I actually held my breath, hoping, praying that he wouldn't go through with it. But he did, because finally Gavin accepted the fact that he was the leader of the Sentinel's and as much as he fought against being a Sentinel and being their leader, he realized that sometimes being a leader involved sacrifices. Over the span of this series Gavin has solidified his place among my favorite all time characters! 

Again I was blown away by Kendall Grey's amazing ability to build a world where I felt like I had been, bringing up very vivid pictures in my mind. And I loved the way she described the use of elemental magic, the way it felt from within, from how to use the power, to how the power made the characters feel. Never before would I have equated water with love, but now I don't see it any other way.

Just Breathe is one of those novels that gives you everything you have ever wanted from a book. Fabulous characters, action, mystery, suspense, magic, love; while also managing to give you those things that you never knew you wanted, like steamy hotness. And Kendall Grey manages to combine them all in a way that only adds to the incredible story of a young Sentinel struggling to save the dreaming, the world and the one he loves. 

I am sad to see this series end as I have truly come to love the characters in this series, especially Gavin, but hopefully it won't be the last time I see some of these characters! Kendall Grey delivered what I would say is the perfect ending to a completely breathtaking story!!

Favorite Character Moment:
There are so many moments in this book that were my favorite and that helped solidify Gavin as one of my all time fave's, but this moment I think really shows how much Gavin has grown throughout the series.
"I love you more than anything in the universe. But if I had to do it over again, I would make the same decision. If I have to lose you to save innocent people in this country, I'll let you go. It'll haunt me for the rest of my days, but I'll do it. This is who I am." (kindle, loc. 4392).
Make sure you stop by my blog on February 2 for my stop on the Just Breathe Blog Tour as a certain rock god will be coming here, to talk to yours truly! That's right folks, Gavin will be here!*Swoon* 

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