Saturday, October 6, 2012

Secrets (The Guardian Trilogy)

Now I will be the first to admit that I am an emotional reader and I choose to review a book as soon as I've read it while that passion is fresh in my mind. That being said, if I find the book lacking then I allow that passion to settle down before I solidify my review making sure there are sound reasons for such a review.

Rating: 5-Must Devour

Olivia hates being the center of attention, much preferring to blend in with those around her. Only with two mysterious guys taking notice of her in a matter of days that is just what she has become. The center of attention. So who are these mystery men and what do they want with her?

Those are questions that change the course of Olivia's life, changing everything, leaving her questioning at every turn. 

As soon as I opened this book I was hooked.  Immediately the world Liz created took me in its clutches and refused to let me go until the final page. The characters make you choose sides and form attachments before you even understand the full story. This book has it all mystery, the supernatural and a little of what could be love. I am sad I did not discover this book sooner, but am glad that I have now been enlightened. An absolute must read!

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