Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rant of a 3 year old

This is an example of what a typical trip to a store is like for me with my youngest son. Don't mind the misspelled words, I am trying to portray how my son pronounces words.

Me: "Pip, do you want to go shopping?"
Scott: "Yay, we go shopping!" *jumping up and down and clapping*
Me: "Okay, let's go."

On the drive over Scott constantly asks, "Mom, what's that?" *pointing*

Me: "I don't know sweetie, I can't see what you are pointing at because I am driving."

Pull up to Wal-Mart

Scott: "Not Wal-Mart, I hate Wal-Mart I want go shopping." *pouting*
Me: "We are going shopping."

On the way into the store he notices the McDonald's sign.

Scott: "MeDonald's mom?"
Me: "Maybe."

Enter the store.

Scott: "No cart." *shaking hand at carts*
Me: "You don't have to sit in the cart bud."
Scott: "Yay!"

As we walk by the McDonald's

Scott: "Mom, I hungwy."
Me: "I know sweetie, maybe after we're done shopping."
Scott: "Awww, I hate shopping, want MeDonald's." *sticks out bottom lip and pounds fists at his side*
Me: "Sorry but we need to go shopping first."
Scott: "Mommy, no say sorry. I want MeDonald's." *shaking his hand at me*
Me: "But I am sorry. First let's pick up the candy we need."
Scott: "No canny, I hate canny." *folds arms across his chest*

We go down the candy isle and pick up a big bag of candy for Halloween. As we are leaving.

Scott: "No big canny, I want little canny."

And the process starts all over....I have to admit there is never a dull moment with my son around. Every time he pouts I just want to laugh.

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