Saturday, October 6, 2012

Choices (The Guardian Trilogy)

*Spoilers if you have not yet read Secrets.*

Rating: 5-Must Devour

Olivia is back, but she is different. Does she still love Holden? Will she embrace her chance at a second life or will trouble find her again?

Holden does dark deeds to drown his guilt and pain while protecting connections to the one girl he loved and lost.

Quintus charged with being Olivia's mentor, caring for her, wanting to protect her from all that was, but is she the same Olivia? Will his desires blind him to what is really going on? And will he realize it before it is too late?

Again this book was mesmerizing. Once I began reading I couldn't stop until I had devoured every single word and even then I wanted more. Even better than the first. And my suggestion is buy all three books at once so that you can read them one after another, because like me you will want to know what happens. You won't be able to resist the hold the characters have on you as you choose your side in a battle of good versus evil that will leave you questioning what is good and what is evil? I fell even in more in love with her characters and would probably follow them into the depths of hell (in a book of course). This book has it all humor, suspense, love, and action keeping you enthralled well after the story is over.

Favorite Character Moment:
"She chose to live in agony rather than come to me. I let that realization sink in. Olivia truly didn't want to be with me. I would have crossed Heaven, Hell and Earth to be with her, and she couldn't even pick up a phone." (ebook, p. 188)

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