Monday, May 5, 2014

The Gramm Curse by Candace Knoebel {Quickie Review}

*Received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

Set before Everlasting, the addicting start to the Night Watchmen Series,The Gramm Curse is a novella told from Jaxen Gramm’s perspective.

How far is one willing to go for love?

Before finding a love that shakes the entire foundation of his world, Jaxen Gramm only had his Witch, Jezibelle Beaumont, to worry about. He’s her Hunter, and he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe from the curse placed on his bloodline, even if it means keeping her far from his heart.

But when a spell is offered that has the power to remove the curse, temptation clouds the ethical judgment of the Gramm brothers and their Witches.

In this action-packed novella, enter the dark recesses of Jaxen’s mind as he battles with himself over a decision that could not only cost him his life, but the life of fellow Coven members. Reunite with Gavin, Cassie, Mack, and Jezi as they dance around the dangers of a civil war on the brink of beginning.

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My Review

I love, love, loved Everlasting, the first book in The Night Watchmen series and all that goes with it. The action, the characters, the magic, and more importantly Jaxen Gramm! *sigh* And when I found out that Candace Knoebel was going to give me a novella from his point of view I felt like running all over town spreading my extreme joy about this momentous news, but the fact that I hate to run left me just squealing and fangirling in the privacy of my very own living room.

And the fangirling didn't stop once I got my very own copy either. In fact it just got worse. This novella gave me everything I wanted, JAXEN! Yes I know I say his name a lot, but trust me when you meet him you will totally understand my obsession and you too will be repeating his name. Jaxen! *shivers* Sorry, on with the review!

The Gramm Curse takes place before Everlasting and actually does an incredible job of filling in everything that happened before we are introduced to Faye Middleton. And boy is it a shocker. When Candace Knoebel wrote The Gramm Curse she wasn't just giving us an insight into Jaxen and what goes on in his head, but she was giving us a true insight into what is going on in the story. This definitely is not one of those novella's that acts as a filler. Oh no, The Gramm Curse is a must read addition to The Night Watchmen series! It gives us answers and gives us so many more questions.

But finally we get to see some of the truth behind Jaxen's stand offish personality and why he pushes people away. I hurt for him in Everlasting, but The Gramm Curse just made me hurt more. I loved Jaxen before, A LOT... but after reading this one, I am even more in love and am ready to admit that I am a Jaxen addict! So, Candace Knoebel can I please have some more???

"I know this is news to you," he says in a low voice, "but we're all born with a heart, and most of us like to use it. We like to lend it out. There's no point in breathing if you're just a shell without a heart, and if you're not careful, that's what you'll become." (kindle, loc. 449)

I had so many favorite moments in this novella, but this one just touched something. I think it is beautiful. 

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