Thursday, May 29, 2014

Penumbra by Logan Patricks {Cover Reveal}

**Last year I fell in love with a book. Yea no surprise, I fall in love with a lot of them, but Semblance by Logan Patricks knocked me off my feet and left me breathless and I have spent what feels like eternity waiting for book 2, it really hasn't been that long, it just feels like it. But the wait will soon be over and today I get a cover to keep me company! Make sure you check out this awesome series.... TRUST ME!

Coming June 26, 2014

In one night, I lost everything: my hopes and dreams, my best friend, and Shadow’s heart. He told me he loved me, but it was just a lie.

The Midnight Society has fallen, reduced to ashes by a monster--a person whom we all once trusted. The betrayal has shattered our lives forever and Shadow, Lord of theMidnight Society, finds himself at a crossroad.

One road leads him further down the path of vengeance, filled with unending violence and dead bodies. The other road leads to me. However, our path to happiness is paved with broken glass and razorblades, and at some point, one of us is going to fall.

Welcome to the world of the Midnight Society.

**I am dying to get my hands on this book!!! And you can bet I will stay up all night on release day to devour it! You can see my review here.

Make sure you check out book 1 too.
Whoever said money couldn't buy happiness has never starved a day in their lives.

My name is Aria Valencia, a third year classical music student at the University, and I was down to my last dollar. Some nights, I seriously considered stripping at the Skin Bar just to make ends meet, but the thought of my dad's spirit--God rest his soul--scowling at me while I shoved my breasts into some pervert's face was enough to turn me off the idea completely.

And then one night, chance came knocking on my door under the guise of the Midnight Society, a secret cabal comprised of the most wealthy and influential souls this side of the Universe. Their leader was a man named Shadow, who was equally enigmatic as he was gorgeous and, for some mystifying reason, had his dark brooding eyes focused on me.

Seduced by the promises of fame and fortune in exchange for a seemingly innocent request, I soon found myself drawn into a provocative world filled with both vast riches and unending lies and it didn't take long for me to realize what being a part of the Midnight Society actually entailed: shiny things, hot sex, and dead bodies.

There's a dark side to every love story, and this one was mine.

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