Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cover Reveal & Blog Tour Sign-Up: VAMPIRE DOWN by Steven Montano

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to the start of the weekend! To help kick it off I am helping one of my favorite authors, Steven Montano, set up a Cover Reveal and Blog Tour for his upcoming release, Vampire Down. Book 7 in the Blood Skies series. I absolutely love this series. It has great creatures, amazing action and incredible worlds. I hope you help to make this a successful Cover Reveal and Blog Tour!

Book Info~
Title: Vampire Down
Series: Blood Skies book 7
Release Date: June 27, 2014
Genre: Sci-Fi Fantasy

Who ever knew the end would come so soon?
  In this final volume of the BLOOD SKIES series, Eric Cross and Danica Black find themselves facing impossible odds in the desolate ruins of the world they once knew.  Hunted by the mercenary forces of the newly formed East Claw Coalition and desperate to find the elusive White Mother, the two refugees will be pushed to the limits of their abilities and sanity as they struggle to survive.
  Meanwhile, in the near future, the undead hunter called Reaver searches for the lost city of Bloodhollow, the place where humankind will make its final stand, while the undead of New Koth and the rebellious White Children make their push to end the reign of the Ebon Kingdoms once and for all.
  As timelines collide and the spider weaves her web, the battle for the fate of the riven world will come to its violent conclusion in the depths of a forgotten city, where unlikely heroes will emerge and hidden evils will finally be revealed...

The Cover Reveal will be June 13, 2014. If you are interested in helping out with this reveal please sign up in the Google doc below. This post does not have to be the top post.

The Blog Tour:
The Blog Tour will run June 25-July 4. The tour will consist of reviews, author interviews, character interviews, guest posts, dreamcast, Top Tens, Spotlights and Soundtracks. Review copies will be offered in e-copy in any format. All books in the series will be available for review, so this is a great time to start the series.

 Check out all the books in the series on Goodreads here

If you can help out with this tour please fill out the Google doc below.

Any help you can offer would be wonderful!!! Thank you in advance.


  1. I'm looking forward to the reveal. And I'm excited to start reading the series this weekend!

    1. Thanks for helping out Scott! Can't wait to hear what you think!

  2. Signed up for the reveal! I'll have to wait a bit to see if I'll have time to read book one for the tour before I commit to that though.