Saturday, May 3, 2014


Flash Fiction Piece


I gripped his limp and listless hand in mine. Begging for life to enter his broken body. “Please don’t leave me. I don’t know how to be me without you.” I sobbed, tears falling freely, my heart shattering into millions of unrepairable pieces. “Please.” I quietly pleaded as the monitors flat lined. Indicating the end of his life. The end of mine.

With the sound of that horrible flat tone, my life ended. My world imploded. Derek was everything to me. He was my heart, my breath, my soul.

I sobbed uncontrollably my despair dragging me to the floor. I still had Derek’s hand in mine. I grabbed his arm and hugged it close to my body. I wanted to crawl up in that bed with him but I couldn’t find the energy. Instead I sat there hugging his limp arm to my side, silently praying for the heavens to swallow me.

I thought I heard voices in the background saying something, but I didn’t care. They were all ghosts to me now. No one mattered anymore.


“Look at her.” I pleaded. “It’s been six months and she still hasn’t left the house.”

“I know. It is really disconcerting. But she won’t respond to any of the Angels we have sent. They cannot save someone who doesn’t want to be saved Derek.” Michael explained.

“But she does want to be saved. She just doesn’t know it yet. Send me.” I suggested with excitement. That was it. I would be her breath. “I can make her want to live again. You have to send me Michael.” I begged, desperation in my voice. Shelly has so much good in her. She can’t leave earth now. If she only knew the happiness she was meant to bring to this world she wouldn’t want to join me in death.

Michael looked at me with a critical look. Like he was weighing my essence. And in a sense he was. He was measuring my every movement, decision and act as both a mortal and Angel.

“Come on Michael. Tell me you haven’t thought about sending me to her.”

“Oh, all right. I will send you to her.” Michael said in defeat.

“Woohoo!” I whooped jumping in the air.


She looked like a child, so fragile and delicate as she sniffled and quivered in her sleep. Her skin was so pale and pasty she almost looked blue. Like someone had sucked the color out of her. Seeing her so deep in despair was like a knife to my soul.  I wanted so much to fix it. To seal her broken heart. To see her blue eyes shine like the oceans they used to be.

I walked over to her and placed my hand on her back directly over her heart.

I wanted so much for her to feel me. To know that I never left her. That I will always be with her.

“Oh Shelly. You are everything that was ever good in me. You made me shine. Made me the prince in your story. You thought I rescued you all those years ago, but don’t you see; it was you who rescued me. But now it truly is my turn.” I whispered as I curled around her. Enveloping her with my essence.

“I will never leave you Shelly. I will be with you every day, every step, every painful memory. I will be your strength. Your guiding light. I will be your breath.”

“Derek?” Shelly breathed.

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