Tuesday, November 20, 2012

When Inspiration Strikes

Why does it always seem like inspiration strikes at the most inopportune time? You know when you are beyond exhaustion and just dozing off to sleep. Well that's when it happens to me anyway. I spend all day staring at a blank screen, blank piece of paper or my pantry just waiting for inspiration to strike, realizing that trying to force inspiration is like trying to make a cat take a bath, a no go! 

So what do I do? I just shut things down, I browse the internet, usually ending up at Pinterest where time quickly disappears as I get lost in the world of pinning. If you haven't already discovered Pinterest it is seriously addicting. I relate it to my addiction to chocolate, it is hard to go a day without either one! Anyway I am getting off track here, see how Pinterest does that? 

So, back to what I was saying, when I am in serious need of inspiration I search for it, through the internet, music, Pinterest, favorite books and even my favorite movies. Sometimes these tactics work, but really most of the time they don't and I end up with nothing more than a headache and disappointment by the end of the night.

And after that kind of disappointment the only thing left to do is sleep or get lost in someone else's problems through reading or watching mind numbing television. Being a night owl and all I usually choose to read or watch a movie. But when I do finally crawl my exhausted mind and body into bed is when I find inspiration strikes. 

Just as I am about to drift off to never never land I am suddenly hit with ideas for my blog, my book, and cooking. And then the question is, do I heed the call of inspiration? 

Unfortunately I can say that often I do not answer the call of inspiration thinking that I am just too tired and that the ideas will come back to me in the morning. Of course this is how things never work out. I almost never remember those fabulous ideas that hit me at 1:30 or 2 in the morning leaving me with the feeling that I forgot something all day. 

Now I tell myself I will answer the call no matter the time because I truly never know when those ideas will strike again, unfortunately for me this usually means less sleep. Because when inspiration strikes and you answer the call you just might find yourself up for another hour or two typing or writing as time slowly slips away along with your nightly sleep. But I promise if you heed the call of inspiration no matter the time, you will be much happier with yourself later and you never know what will happen when you do. For all you know that knock could have been the idea for the next best selling YA book, but if you don't answer you will never know.

So, do you answer the call of inspiration? When does inspiration strike you?

"Devouring worlds one book and recipe at a time."


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    1. Good to know that I am not the only one :)

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    Happy blogging!


  3. I am someone who almost always tries to make a note or send myself an email when inspiration strikes because as much as I promise myself that I will remember it later, I never do. And I kick myself.

    Whenever I have ideas I jot them down on my iPhone's notepad. The problem of course is that it often hits when I'm in the shower. Then I have to keep talking out loud to myself to remember it until I'm out and can get to my phone to write it down.

    Like you I have the late night time suck that is tumblr. I'm not a pintrest person because I know it will be worse, so I hide from it. But tumblr is so dangerous, too.

    My father always said to keep a journal and a pencil by the bed for when inspiration strikes. I hate that he isn't wrong. I'm just glad for the notepad feature on my phone as I write much more slowly than I thumb type.

    Great discussion post topic.

    1. I too love that little notepad, it really comes in handy. I have never tried tumblr, but imagine it would result in me doing the same as with Pinterest, wasting time.

      Isn't it funny how now that we are adults we find that sometimes our parents were actually right? I hate it when that happens! :) But that is why I keep a pen and paper by my bed and I really hate to say that it has come in handy more than a time or two.

      Now, if only I could bend inspiration to my will!!! Hmmmm....

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!