Friday, November 2, 2012

Chase Williams (Character Time #2) & Shift Giveaway

If you don't know who my character time spotlight is by the name, well then allow me to introduce you to him. He is the lead character in one of my favorite series, The Protector Series by M.R. Merrick and if you haven't heard me rave about his books before well then you will have to read my reviews of them! Well enough about that, on to one of my favorite characters!!

Chase had been training to be a demon hunter practically his entire life. It was all he knew and it was all he ever wanted to be--a hunter that above all else protects the innocent. But on the day that was to happen his dreams and future were lost when he was denied his power and exiled from the only life he had ever known.

On the streets he is cocky and self-assured as he kills demon after demon, as they are sent to claim him as a trophy. And why shouldn't he be cocky? After all, this is what he was trained for, and even without his element he knows that he is better than any demon that dares come his way. It is what he is built for, his body is firm and muscled and let's be honest he is the type of guy to make a girl swoon! 

But despite being hunted for who he is and being exiled Chase insists on following the oaths that all hunters take even if that means going against everything he was ever taught. Sure, Chase is cocky, angry, bitter, and even unpredictable at times, but underneath all that is a guy who is insecure and self-conscious about the life he was thrust into. Using sarcasm and jokes to often mask his true feelings, but that is just one of the many reasons I love him!

He is a fierce fighter even when the odds are stacked against him and fights for what he truly believes is right. He is loyal to a fault, and once he calls you friend, family or innocent he will do anything to protect you, even if it means paying the ultimate price. He is the guy you want fighting beside you, the guy you yell at, laugh with, cheer for and even cry for; he is Chase, the protector!

Follow Chase on his journey through magical worlds in The Protector Series!
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The Protector Series
Releasing December 10, 2012

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  1. strong, intelligent, independent (but not afraid to take help from someone else) and not emo.

  2. I agree with you, those are all great things to have in a character! Thanks for entering!

  3. crazy and kick ass and strong and every good about disruption.