Friday, November 16, 2012

Best Week EVER

Both Christmas and my Birthday came early this year!!! This week I was privy to not one, but two books I have been dying to read!! Release by M.R. Merrick and Psion Delta by Jacob Gowans. Both books are part 3 in their series and I feel like I have been waiting an eternity to read them. Although I know it hasn't really been that long, but you must understand these are two of my favorite series and waiting to find out what happens next to Sammy from the Psion series and Chase from the Protector series is like waiting for Christmas morning on Christmas Eve! You can't help but feel like it will never come and that time is in fact moving backwards!

Release I received because I am taking part in the blog tour and as such I was given a free copy for an honest review, which you will be able to see along with an author interview right here on my blog December 31st!!!

I received Psion Delta through a Facebook contest hosted by the author.

Thank you to both of these wonderful authors for giving me this opportunity! And now that I have read both of these books I can say that I had my emotions put through a meat grinder twice this week at the hands of a book! These books definitely did not disappoint and I really must encourage all of you to begin reading these books if you have not already and if you are already up on the adventures of Sammy and Chase then let me tell you are in for a treat! I can honestly say that I will probably read both of these books again before the end of the year and I am already eagerly anticipating the release of book 4! I know book 3 hasn't even been released yet, but what can I say its the truth! I would love to dive into these books right here right now, but alas I will have to wait and so will you, but I promise that you soon you will be able to read all about how these books put me on an emotional roller coaster here on my blog!

Check them out here:

Psion Series (Psion Delta release will hopefully be before the end of the year)
Protector Series (Available December 10, 2012)

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