Friday, November 9, 2012

Mercury Falls by Robert Kroese (Book Review)

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Years of covering the antics of End Times cults for The Banner, a religious news magazine, have left Christine Temetri not only jaded but seriously questioning her career choice. That is, until she meets Mercury, an anti-establishment angel who's frittering his time away whipping up batches of Rice Krispy Treats and perfecting his ping-pong backhand instead of doing his job: helping to orchestrate Armageddon. With the end near and angels and demons debating the finer political points of the Apocalypse, Christine and Mercury accidentally foil an attempt to assassinate one Karl Grissom, a thirty-seven-year-old film school dropout about to make his big break as the Antichrist. Now, to save the world, she must negotiate the byzantine bureaucracies of Heaven and Hell and convince the apathetic Mercury to take a stand, all the while putting up with the obnoxious mouth-breathing Antichrist.

My Review: 4-Delectable
I love angels and I love sarcasm. So when you put the two together you literally make my day. And that is exactly what this book does. It gives me angels and all their glory and lots of sarcasm, and even better than that, it gives me a sarcastic angel who would much rather build snowmen then do his actual job, which is helping to bring about Armageddon. But really Mercury would rather do anything but his job seeing himself as something of a rebel. But when he meets Christine, the religious reporter, he comes face to face with the thought that maybe he has the right idea in rebelling against his job, and that maybe angels should question things a little more. 

Every character in the story has a role to play in the upcoming Armageddon, whether they know it or not, and every person or angel has their own agenda. The good angels are really bad, the bad angels are pretending to be bad, while some just pretend to be bad and not care when in fact they really do. I thoroughly enjoyed all the characters in the story, but Mercury was by far my favorite. I loved his devil may care and sarcastic attitude and how he seemed to talk in riddles while still arriving at his point. 

The one thing that I did not like however was the fact that some times I felt like I was reading a history book. Although I liked the fact that the book explained the history of the angels and how things operated, it often made it feel a little dull and confusing. It is this reason that I am giving it a delectable rating!  
It is still a great adventure that I recommend reading! Even if it is just to laugh with Mercury!

Favorite Character Moment:
"I am," said Mercury. "Completely uninvolved. You guys want cheesecake?" (kindle, p. 135)
I know this seems like an odd choice, but read the book and you will understand. Of course there were plenty others I could have put here, but for some reason this is just one of those moments where I truly loved Mercury!!

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