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Exhale (A Just Breathe Novel #2) by Kendall Grey (Book Review)

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My Summary:
After helping Gavin in the dreaming Zoe still questions the existence of Elementals, despite having tasted their power first hand. And now Zoe discovers that her dream guy is not just a dream, but in fact a reality that she can not afford due to the loyalty she has for her job and her chase of a promotion. But Zoe discovers that her whales are in trouble.
In the wake of becoming the new council leader Gavin finds himself spread thin as he tries to protect Zoe from Scarlet, discover the way to close the door to the dreaming, and how to become all that he needs to be in order to lead the council. But Gavin doesn't know who he can trust. As Scarlet and the Fyres close in Gavin is forced to do something that he will forever regret.  

My Review: 4.5 Delectably Devourable!

Exhale was a wild ride that literally picked up right where Inhale left off and I was immediately swept up in the story.

Though certain things happened as I predicted I am happy to say that there were some definite surprises throughout the story. I love it when a story doesn't reveal itself before the story has played out.

I have always been a huge fan of dreams and elemental magic and I just love how Kendall Grey mixed the two and presented them in a way that I have never seen before. Her creative imagination is expressed in a way that you can't help but feel like you are experiencing everything as the characters do.

And speaking of characters, I absolutely love Gavin. And not necessarily for the reasons that you may think. Yes he is rockstar hot, but I like him because he is not the typical hero that is portrayed in most books. Despite his looks and talent, Gavin is a vulnerable character who has pretty much made himself numb to the world around him. And Zoe is the key to waking him up. He reads cocky and sure but on the inside he is self doubting and afraid of what his future might hold. I really love it when characters are deep and complex and Kendall Grey does an excellent job in this regard.

Every part of me was satisfied as I read this story! It had magic, it has love, it has action and suspense. However I would have loved to seen more magic in this book, like with the first, but I know it is sure to come with the way things ended in this dreamy adventure! Bring on Just Breathe!

Favorite Character Moment:"I couldn't find my soul. But you caught it and brought it back to me." (kindle, loc. 2199).

"Devouring worlds, one book and recipe at a time."

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