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Revenant (The Midnight Society #3) by Logan Patricks {Review}

I have been promoting this book all week, well it is finally out and I have gotten my little fingers on it and devoured it. In fact I finished it last night, so naturally there needs to be a review.

*Received a free copy in exchange for an honest review


With power comes the promise of blood. With friendships comes the promise of betrayal. With love comes the promise of tragedy.

The Midnight Society keeps no promises.

Shadow, the Lord of the Midnight Society--a once powerful and world-ruling organization--is a man with many burdens.

He’s losing a war with the Revenants, whose psychotic leader murdered his parents and was someone he once trusted. His best friend, Lincoln Richards--whose quick wit, charms, and loyalty are outweighed only by his sexual appetite--is a prisoner of the Revenants, and possibly dead. Meanwhile, the whispers of a traitor within his organization has Shadow constantly looking over his shoulder.

Perhaps the only thing going right for him is his mended relationship with Aria Valencia, a beautiful pianist with humble beginnings. Little does he know, she’s hiding a dark secret from him, one that threatens to destroy everything they’ve built together.

In Shadow’s heart, there’s one single thing that can make everything right again: revenge. However, the cost for revenge is high, one that’s paid for with the lives of both his enemies and loved ones.

The war between the Midnight Society and the Revenants comes to a head in this penultimate chapter of the best selling Romance Mystery series, the Midnight Society. 

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My Review~

Holy smokes! This book, I don't really know what to say. Shadow, Lincoln, Shadow, Lincoln. Ahhhh! It's too much. Which is why I'm not going to bother recapping this book, because if I did it would look something like this... First, this happened. And, and, and, then Shadow ______________ Ahhh! Then Lincoln, oh man, and Aria... Ah, really my mind can't handle it, hence I will leave the recap to the professional.

I have one perfect phrase to sum up this series so far... "One big mind game."

That's what this is, Logan Patricks playing mind games with all of us. Only we are not the unwilling victim, oh no, we strap ourselves in and beg for more.

And more is what he gives us in Revenant. We don't know who to trust, who to love, who to hate... ok, so we all know who to hate but the rest is still up in the air and in a big way. Nothing is ever as it seems in this crazy world that Logan Patricks created, danger lurks everywhere and you never know who is going to stab you in the back. One thing you know is that it is going to happen. Come on, it's a Logan Patricks book. You can always expect someone to get stabbed in the back.

In the dangerous world that Shadow and Aria live in the question is who do I trust? And it is the question that Shadow asks himself everyday. His entire world has been blown to pieces by the one person he thought would always be there for him. Now he's traveling down the proverbial rabbit hole and he won't be able to claw his way out alone.

Oh Shadow! Big, sensitive, strong, fierce, loyal, loving, caring, Shadow. This man. I love this man more and more with every book. Each time Shadow graces the page more about the dark and brooding man is revealed, and I like what I'm seeing.

Then there's Lincoln. Completely misunderstood, understated and a horn dog! Don't even get me started on him. He's a big bag of chocolate dipped lollipops. I'll leave it at that and let you take that as you will. And finally, finally Logan Patricks gives us some insight into the man that is Lincoln. In Revenant more than Lincoln's butt is bared, Logan Patricks splayed his heart and soul on the page, revealing his deepest truths. These were some of my favorite moments in the book. Lincoln has been one of my favorites since the beginning, so I was more than happy to see more of him.

Then there's Aria... the girl who started it all. The girl who clings to everything she has left like a viper. She's all kinds of awesome and no longer just a pianist. Now she is her own force to be reckoned with.

And together... well sort of they fight to not only stay alive, but to protect the secret society started years ago. But when you are dealing with the biggest, sickest, most twisted villain, staying alive and fighting are a lot harder than it sounds and sometimes it makes you question whether or not any part of you will remain when the dust settles.

Logan Patricks has created one of my all time favorite villains with this series. She brings a whole new meaning to the word villain. She is the master of mind games, she is the joker, the Queen, and the Mad Hatter. I bow down to Logan Patricks and his twisted mind.

Revenant is a non-stop ride. There are so many twists and turns that you won't even know which way you're going. But there are moments where you get to slow down and catch... ok more like lose your breath. Revenant is another excellent installment in The Midnight Society and delivered more than its fair share of shocks and awe's and hit me in the heart strings. Yet again I am left gaping at Logan Patricks ability to twist reality.

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