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Hunting Season by Nikki Jefford {Blog Tour: Interview + Giveaway}

Today I am lucky to have one of my all time favorite authors on the blog to celebrate her latest release in the Aurora Sky Vampire Hunter Series. Make sure you stick around for my fun interview and enter the giveaway!

Hunting Season by Nikki Jefford
(Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter #4)
Publication date: March 3rd 2015
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

Better to be a hunter, not prey.

Ever since her partner was kidnapped, Aurora Sky has been on a personal mission to get him back. To do that she needs the vampire responsible for destroying her life.

In order to have a snowball’s chance at success, she’ll have to team up with her most loyal friends—including a certain vampire in black with a provoking talent for distraction.

Old cravings aren’t easily quenched, nor past passions. With knowledge comes danger and Aurora is at risk on all sides.

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And now the...

I have a special surprise for you bloggie peeps! Today I get to interview one of my favorite authors…. *screams* I know awesome, right? Right. Who is this awesome author you ask? Why the same author who gave me an enchanting Raj and a very sexy vampire Fane... need another clue? Nikki Jefford! That’s right, we are going supernatural today! My favorite.

Thank you so much for stopping by Nikki, I really appreciate it.

Hi, Danielle! *screams back* I’m always happy for a spot at Consuming Worlds and the high energy introductions I receive here. :D

Let’s get down to it, shall we?
1)      What is your favorite part about being an author? Come on be honest… if you say wearing pj’s all day I won’t hold it against you. ;) Or is that just me?

Ha, ha. No, I actually get dressed. I even put on jewelry and makeup… but I do write in slippers.

Writing is my dream job. I get to spend my time with fictional characters and I only have to answer to myself… and readers. But readers appreciate your work more than most bosses. I work more hours as an author, but I’m my own woman and that kind of independence is one of the best feelings in the world.

2)      If you could live in any of your books which would it be and why?

Enchantment (Spellbound #3). I’d have magical powers (which I’ve always wanted) and live in Paris (a beautiful, vibrant city with great bread and wine). I’d also get to shack up with one of my biggest book crushes. ;-)

3)      I love characters… in fact I sort of have a thing for them. And I really have a thing for your Raj and Fane. (who doesn’t?) Anyways… when I read a book I like to find my favorite character moment. That one moment that sang to me for that character. Of course I often have more than one, but I like to pick one when I can. And that’s exactly what I am going to ask you to do. What would be your favorite character moment from your books? You can name one from every book or just pick one overall moment. Heck you can even have one for multiple characters. That part is up to you.

I’m happy to hear you have a thing for Raj and Fane. I love those two! The character moment that stood out the most for me was when Fane followed Aurora onto the back of the public bus after she’d just been suspended from school for fighting. I still remember writing that scene. Every step, every breath felt like it was really happening. My heart was racing. At the end I was dazed, as though I’d just made out with Fane on that bus. It was one of those moments where the characters take complete control. It was magic.

4) Now for some fast questions…

Nerds or Skittles

Fruity Pebbles or Cap’n Crunch
Cocoa Chomp ;-)

Iron Man or Thor
Iron Man

Matching socks or Unmatched socks

Paperbacks or eReader

5) What is the one genre of book that is your fall back? The one genre that can pull you out of the worst moods?

Historical Romance

6)      What does the future hold for you and your writing? Any other series I can get hooked on?

I’m finishing up Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter this year. After that I have notes for a fantasy series with wolf shifters, wizards, and a great evil threatening their world.

7) If you could only recommend one book, what would it be and why?

First of all, yikes! I better make this count. Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. That book had a tremendous impact on me growing up. Anne proved that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what hardships you’ve endured. With determination, spirit and spunk, you can succeed in life, realize your dreams and find true love. Plus she loved reading, writing, and living in the dream world. We’re kindred spirits!

8) If you could reread any book for the first time, which would it be and why?

I wish I could read my own books for the first time. I’d love to experience them the way readers do—not knowing what comes next.

Thanks for stopping by Nikki, as usual it has been a pleasure. One day hopefully this can happen for real. 

About the Author~
Bookaholic, nature girl, and animal lover.

Nikki Jefford is a third generation Alaskan who found paradise in the not-so-tropical San Juan Islands (WA) where she is, once more, neighbors with Canada in a town without a single traffic light.

She married the love of her life, Sebastien, while working as a teaching assistant in France. They reside with their Westie, Cosmo in Friday Harbor.

Loves fictional bad boys and heroines who kick butt.

Find Her: Twitter | Website | Goodreads | Facebook

Book 1: Aurora Sky Vampire Hunter is FREE and available in audiobook


  1. Thanks for hosting today, Yell! :)

  2. Fun interview, Danielle! Thank you for coming up with such creative questions and we so have to do this in person some time!

  3. I can't wait for your next book! Eek! *runs to reading nook to re-read the Aurora Sky series