Thursday, April 23, 2015

Revenant: The Midnight Society Book #3 {Release Blast}

It's here, it's here, it's here... book 3 in the best Romantic Thriller series is finally here!!! Logan Patricks is taking us back to the world of The Midnight Society with his latest release Revenant and I for one can't wait to dive in. Now the wait is over, go on and grab the 3rd installment in what I'm calling the perfect mind game.

With power comes the promise of blood. With friendships comes the promise of betrayal. With love comes the promise of tragedy.

The Midnight Society keeps no promises.

Shadow, the Lord of the Midnight Society--a once powerful and world-ruling organization--is a man with many burdens.

He’s losing a war with the Revenants, whose psychotic leader murdered his parents and was someone he once trusted. His best friend, Lincoln Richards--whose quick wit, charms, and loyalty are outweighed only by his sexual appetite--is a prisoner of the Revenants, and possibly dead. Meanwhile, the whispers of a traitor within his organization has Shadow constantly looking over his shoulder.

Perhaps the only thing going right for him is his mended relationship with Aria Valencia, a beautiful pianist with humble beginnings. Little does he know, she’s hiding a dark secret from him, one that threatens to destroy everything they’ve built together.

In Shadow’s heart, there’s one single thing that can make everything right again: revenge. However, the cost for revenge is high, one that’s paid for with the lives of both his enemies and loved ones.

The war between the Midnight Society and the Revenants comes to a head in this penultimate chapter of the best selling Romance Mystery series, the Midnight Society. 

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Now go out and grab yourself a copy. And now I will step away and dive into this book. You won't see me until I'm done. See you on the flip. Here I come Shadow and Aria....

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