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Not so Secret Santa: Author/Blogger Exchange~Michelle Congdon

Hello, hello, hello fabulous people!! Do I have something exciting in store for you today. Recently I was thinking of a way to get the word out about some of my favorite authors, after picking the brains of a very good blogging friend, Stephanie at The Book Hipster we came up with a wonderful way to not only spread the word about our favorite authors, but get to know new one's as well. 

In the Not so Secret Santa Event bloggers are paired with authors they have never read. And today I am featuring a fabulous author!

Over the last couple of weeks I have had the luxury of getting to know the oh so wonderful Michelle Congdon, author of the YA Urban Fantasy Moonlight Series and NA Contemporary Broken Series.   

I really enjoyed getting to know her and can honestly say that I will be adding both of her series to my reading lists! And you should too.

Now for what you have all come here for. Today the lovely Michelle Congdon stopped by to share a wonderful little guest post with us. And not just any guest post, but a guest post by a very handsome and very gifted warrior, Dash a shape-shifting guardian from The Moonlight Series. So without further ado I am going to pass the time over to her. I will see you all later, enjoy the post and make sure you enter the giveaway at the bottom!!

Hello everyone!!! Firstly, I’d like to thank Danielle for having me on her blog and I’d also like to tell you guys that I’m so excited to be apart of: Not So Secret Santa!

For those who don’t know me, my name is Michelle and I write YA & NA. My YA series is called the Moonlight Series and is about a young girl named Ella McMillan whose life is completely thrown upside down after a strange, scary attack by demonic creatures.
Lucky for her, she was saved by a mysterious handsome boy— with a bad attitude but kick-ass knife skills — who then sets out to help her find the real reason for the attack.
Adrian Dashkov, better known as Dash or the handsome boy that saved Ella, is known as a Guardian, an earth warrior with the ability to shape-shift into any animal he desires. They are all highly skilled fighters, who protect the earth from demons and help keep the peace between humans and fallen angels.

Because humans are unaware of their existence, we have no idea what goes on in their daily lives or how they even become so amazingly talented at their job. Luckily, I was able to tempt Mr. Dashkov into sharing some secret info with us about what kind of training goes into becoming a Guardian.  Let’s just say I have A LOT of work to do, if I plan on trying to wield a weapon the way he does.

Anyway, this is what he had to say-

The ‘training’ life of a Guardian with Dash-

Just because we are born with the ability to shape-shift, heal and we have increased speed, strength, stamina etc… doesn’t mean we don’t need to work hard to become a Guardian. Training begins from an early age, usually around five, and continues until adulthood. A young Guardian generally develops a specialty skill using certain types of weapons at an early age too. With Amiel it was hand weapons, such as throwing knives and throwing stars, but she prefers her whip. Misha has her bow and arrow, while Vladimir and I prefer our daggers. We go to school and study subjects much like humans do. I was born in Russia, as are my friends, so learning English was a top priority, as was French, Latin and Italian. Unlike humans, many of our subjects involved physical combat. For instance, where humans would have gym class, we would have classes dedicated to training with weapons and fighting one another. Sure, there were injuries but having the ability to heal quickly helped a lot. Our mentors were strict and ruthless. “There is no excuse for failure,” was what they often drilled into us. We are also taught how to become stealthy, which is a crucial element in hunting demons. Once we graduate, we are sent wherever we are needed around the world; however, we may remain in our motherland if we choose. For reasons I choose not to disclose, I decided on coming to America. Demon attacks on humans are rare but have been ever increasing in New York, which is why I have chosen to stay where I am. And I am now bound to Ella, so, wherever she goes, I go. Anyway, that’s pretty much all I can share. I hope I have said has been informative and I’m glad there are humans out there that appreciate the hard work we do.

Umm, of course we do!! Well, there we have it guys! I hope that gave you all a little insight of what our dear Guardians get up to. I must also be off, but don’t forget you can chat to me, anytime, on my Facebook page or Twitter. M Xx
Thank you so much for stopping by Michelle!! And thank you Dash for giving us some insight into the training of a Guardian!                                                                                                                            
~About the Author~
Michelle Congdon resides in Sydney, Australia. She has a Dalmatian named Jett, who to this day continues to hold an 8 year grudge against her after she had to leave him with her parents when she moved to the big city- this only proves animals are much like their owners. Michelle enjoys reading books of all sorts of genre's, watching way too many movies and TV shows (and Disney cartoons), singing out aloud to her favorite hits and going on adventures involving food and travel. Michelle is loud, talks a lot and shares an ever-growing list of fictional husbands with a friend. From when she was a small girl, she has always had an overactive imagination and has tried to put it to good use by sharing her stories with anyone willing to listen.

Find Her: Website | Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook

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