Monday, April 1, 2013

Top Ten Fictional Characters I would Crush on if I were a Fictional Character

Top Ten Tuesday is an incredibly awesome meme created by The Broke and the Bookish where bloggers and readers share their top ten's about all things bookish! Don't be shy......join the fun!

I love posts about fictional boyfriends! And despite doing one in December, I feel like I need to amend the list!

My Top Ten Fictional Characters I would Crush on if I were a Fictional Character (May or may not be in order)

1. Dirk Pitt from the Dirk Pitt Adventures by Clive Cussler If I haven't said it enough, then by all means allow me to state this again......Dirk is the perfect combination of James Bond, Indiana Jones and MacGyver!! Incredible skills, deadly as a fox and smokin' hot!! Need I say more -.O

2. Chase Williams from The Protector Series by M.R. Merrick Pretty sure you are all tired of me saying this but I will say it again just in case you haven't heard me all the other times....Chase is not only an incredibly fierce warrior, but he is vulnerable, gentle, and totally and completely loyal! Granted he is sort of married to his duty, but he has a big heart. I would travel to any world with him!! 

3. Gavin Cassidy from the Just Breathe series by Kendall Grey I give you 3 simple words! Sexy. Rock. God!!! Oh yea, he is! He could melt your heart with one sultry look and melt your clothes off with one ballad!! he is dedicated, sweet, deep, and yum, I mean hot!

4. Daemon Black from the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout Anyone who has read the Lux series knows exactly why Daemon is on this list! Not only is he smooth as glass, he is sexy as hell, a total bad-a** and brings a whole new meaning to Alien hotness!!!

5. Raj McKenna from the Spellbound series by Nikki Jefford Nothing says sexy like the bad boy! And in my opinion nothing is sexier than the bad boy that really isn't a bad boy! Raj is just a misunderstood teenager looking for someone to believe in him.

6. Dante from the Dante Walker series by Victoria Scott Ok, really if I need to tell you why he is on this list, then I don't think you have been paying attention to the blogging community over the last 3 months! Words simply can not describe the deliciousness and complexity that is Dante! So I will just say holy hotness batman!

7. Kale from the Few Are Angels series by Inger Iversen Kale despite being a Chory and suffering from bloodlust is incredibly loyal and dedicated to the girl that has his heart! He would literally lay his life on the line to save the one he loves....He is sweet, and tender, but there is also a warrior hiding just beneath the surface. I definitely wouldn't want to make him mad!

8. Eric Cross from the Blood Skies series by Steven Montano Okay, okay, if you have read this series than you probably think that I am out of my mind, but listen for a second. Cross is one of those characters that you crush on from afar, you see he is married to his job, one that is incredibly dangerous. And you never know when or if he will come home. But you still want to be the one he comes home to.

9. Dean from the Affliction Series by Deb Apodoca Dean is all kinds of yumminess! Dean is a vampire slayer, the most feared vampire slayer! One that is thirsty for revenge. But he is also very tender, romantic and will protect you with his life. Besides, all that vampire slaying has given him a body to kill for!!

10. Nick Gautier from The Chronicles of Nick by Sherrilyn Kenyon The first thing that attracted me to Nick was his sarcastic personality! But not only is he sarcastic, and funny, but he is loyal to his loved one's, honest, sweet, gentle and he is destined to be the bad boy. And that's a destiny that he fights with every fiber of his being. 

Well there you have list of fictional character crushes! Do you have any fictional crushes???? If so, I would love to hear about them!


  1. I'm reading The Collector right now! I'm only about 25% done with it, so i'm not quite sure what the fuss is about yet... But I'm hoping to find out real soon!
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    Beth | The Reading Vixens
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  2. You can't be a book nerd without some serious book crushes :-) nice lists

    Here is mine

  3. I am almost finished with Dante. I just read the part with him, Charlie, and a tree. SIGH. He is so great. And hilarious!

    My TTT

    Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

  4. you know, i haven't ready ANY of these. Clearly i need to read more :)

    MY Bookish Boyfriends

    1. I run into that problem every time I stop at someone's blog. But that's not the problem, it really is that there are so many awesome books out there, we can't possibly read them all!

  5. I need to read more... the ones I have read I do have to agree though! LOL

    1. lol.....I think the real problem is that there are just so many books out there! It is hard to read them all!

  6. I haven't read any of these! I must pick them up, the boys sound very swoon worthy though!

    My Top Ten!

    1. Annabelle,

      Thanks, these boys are definitely more than swoon worthy!! I highly recommend each of these books!!!

  7. I really want to read the Lux Series!! Thanks for stopping by my TTT.

    1. You definitely need to read that series! I know I wish I had read it sooner! You will be so happy once you do!

  8. What did you do to your blog? I want to Eat It Up! <3!

    Raj sends his love. xoxo

  9. Chase, Daemon, Raj = yum, yum and yum!! Great choices!