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Character Time #9: Dante Walker

So what is Character Time? Character Time is a bi-weekly feature created by Danielle at Consuming Worlds to spotlight favorite characters. The next Character Time will be on April 21st.

The idea of Character Time is to spotlight a character from either a book you are currently reading or a book that you have read in the past. You can either love this character, hate them, loathe them, like them or any of the other feelings one may have. You then write a post spotlighting this character. Why you love, hate, loathe, or whatever them and why? This can include links, pictures or whatever you need to explain why you feel the way you feel. 

Note: These characters can be any characters, i.e., main characters, hero/heroine, villain, creature and so on.

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Dante Walker from Victoria Scott

In honor of Dante's big release this week and in honor of me finally getting my hands on Dante, I decided to make him my choice for Character Time this week! I mean really, was there any other choice? Um, NO!

So what do we know about Dante? We know that he is smokin' hot, snarky, a true bad-a**, smooth as butter, the best collector this side of hell, and he is the devil's right hand man. He is fiercely dedicated to both his job and his friends, he loves a good laugh, knows how to have fun and will do anything to get the job done. 

Now allow me to tell you a few things that you may not know about this sexy soul collector. Under that hard and rugged exterior lies the heart of a man who just wants to be loved and accepted, a man who holds on to his past like it is his last drink of water. Who holds his pain close, keeping it as his cross to bear. He wants to protect all that he holds dear, always knows just what to say, and could steal the heart of any girl who looked his way, okay maybe you did know that, but he is also sweet, kind-hearted, and gentle.

Dante is that guy that you would do anything for, the guy who once he found that special someone would do anything for them. Despite being the devil's right hand man, Dante is full of light and love, he is just waiting for someone to unlock it all. There is goodness there deep within his soul, you get a glimpse of it in The Collector, but I want more than a glimpse. 

Dante is every girl's fantasy, every man's nightmare and the devil's go to guy! If he ever showed up in my town I would gladly let him take my soul!

If you haven't already introduced yourself to this fine specimen, make sure you do so, you definitely won't regret it.

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So, do you have a character that you would like to spotlight? 

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