Sunday, July 27, 2014

Blogoversary Celebration Welcome

So, a couple of weeks ago my blog turned 2!!!! Woohoo! Time has flown by so fast... too fast. I have read some of the most amazing books, met the best and most fabulous people and have published my first book (talk about unreal, I still have a hard time saying I'm an author) in the last two years. When I first started this little blogging adventure I set out to share my love of books. Nothing more. 

I never expected to make friends with my heroes. Yes, authors you are my heroes and rockstars. I have forged what I like to think are some pretty incredible friendships with my favorite authors. They understand my love of books, the written word and my overall weirdness... well at least I think they understand that last one. And I in turn understand them. Their drive and thirst to deliver the next great adventure, their overall need to put words on the page. Authors are amazing. There's nothing else to it. Authors. Are. AMAZING! 

And there are so many authors that I love and fangirl over, that I can't honestly spotlight all of them. But over the next 8 days I will spotlight 8 authors who have touched my life since I started blogging. Eight authors who have changed my outlook on the world of books, blogging, and writing. 

So while I celebrate my blog turning two I am also celebrating 8 of my favorite authors with Guest Posts and Giveaways. Everyday you will get to know an author I love and hold dear.

But I'm not the only one celebrating. My good blogging friend, Lou at Relaxed Reads is celebrating her 1st year of blogging!!!! *throws confetti* And we are teaming up to give you 8 days of awesome authors. So make sure you stop by both blogs to see the author spotlighted and enter the giveaways.

Every day I will update this page with the link to the next author spotlight. 

Author's on Consuming Worlds

Authors on Relaxed Reads

Are you ready to celebrate and WIN?