Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What is a Street Team?

Recently, I have been doing a lot of work with Street Teams, as in I have recently strong armed a few of my favorite authors into letting me start one for them.

Before creating these exclusive teams I relentlessly pestered all my Twitter reader and author friends about anything street team related. And guess what I discovered? Come on guess.......What no takers?

Fine party poopers, what I discovered was, that most people readers and authors included have no idea of what a street team is, so that's what I want to talk about today. The ultra secretive street team. (little hint, it's not secretive at all)

First question, What exactly is a street team?
Well in simplest terms, a street team is a team of people who support an author and their work. You could also say that street team's are an author's personal marketing team. Members of the team help spread the word about any and all work from the author, whether it is past, present or future.

The exact job of members depends on the author, but there are a few things that I have found to be pretty consistent among most street teams. Most street team members are asked to spread the word of all cover reveals, book releases, sales promotions, or any up coming events the author needs help pimping.

Of course all of this is up to the author. But simply the team helps promote the author on any and all social channels, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, websites, Pinterest, Intstagram, and Tumblr.

And that leads us to my Second question, Who can join a street team?
Now that is a super easy answer. Anyone. If you are a fan of the author or their books then you can join. And you should join, especially if you love to help out authors you love.

Now here is where I am going to deviate from the whole question thing because this is where things really start to vary. Some street teams offer incentives for members, such as ARC's or Advanced Reader Copies, advanced peeks at cover's and all upcoming news before everybody else. Of course the kind and number of incentives depends on the author. That being said there can also be no incentives other than the appreciation of the author. And the truth of the matter is, all the Street Team members I pestered, or questioned, said they didn't join for the incentives, but to help spread the word about an author they thought was awesome! But do you want to know one of the best incentives of being a team member???? It is getting to know the author. As a member you will be in contact more with the author as they ask for your help in spreading the word about their work.

So let's recap shall we...a street team is a team of awesome people who love an uber awesome author and help spread the word about said awesome author's incredible work. Anyone can join a street team, you only need to be a fan. And why should you join a street team? Easy. Peasy. To support those uber awesome authors you love so much.

If you love an author and want to help spread the word about them, see if they have a street team. If they do, join up.

So, come on, don't be shy, reach out and join a street team! I did...well I joined more than a few, and I even started some to boot.

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