Thursday, October 10, 2013

{Review} Dragon Attack by Scott Moon

*Received a free copy in exchange for an honest review
After defeating the demons and hellhounds of Travass Isegurad, Michael Prim races toward another confrontation with the sorcerer. Nicole’s curse drives her into isolation. Her friends fight to save her. The Rift between Blue Point and the magic world disintegrates, taking innocent lives during the chaos and releasing deadly creatures into a modern world unprepared for dragon war.

Can a helicopter chain gun take down a dragon?
Can the SWAT team survive an ambush set by sorcerers?

Does Michael's Dragonborn girlfriend resist the magic that will make them enemies?

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My Review

Everything has changed since Michael battled the hellhounds of the sorcerer Isegurad, Nicole is changing, Michael is being hunted and watched and the Rift between Blue Point and the magical world beyond is coming apart at the seams. Magic is spilling into Blue Point at an alarming rate and the officers of Blue Point are having a hard time keeping up. But Michael is determined to get to the bottom of it all and determined to save the woman he thinks he is in love with, a woman who he may want to kill before all is said and done. 

Dragon Attack picks up right where Dragon Badge left off...right in the thick of it.  Michael is being his usual strong kick butt self, trying to save not only his love, but the world. Only in Dragon Attack everyone seems to know who or what Michael is. In fact most people seem to know more about him than he does. And unfortunately for him, no one will tell him what is going on and just why people want him dead or why people might fear him. 

All Michael knows is that he would do anything to save Nicole and anything to get his hands on the sorcerer Isegurad, but he isn't the only one. Everything comes to blows in this exciting ride as magic explodes into Blue Point.

If you look at this series like a house then you could say that Dragon Badge laid the foundation and built the walls of the story. Giving you the basics of the world, the magic, and the overall set up of the story. And Dragon Attack is everything that makes a house a home including all the inner workings. Dragon Attack doesn't need any ground work, it doesn't need any explanations, it is a story that is on fire. Full of action, excitement, magic and yes, Dragons!!! Wicked, fire breathing Dragons!

Scott Moon brings magic and cop thrillers to a whole new level. The magic he creates is like none other, the worlds he builds all new, and the story of cops to a all new high. This story combines Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Cop thriller into a seamless story that will leave you wanting more and with just as many questions as answers. And I don't know about you, but I love it when a book leaves me stewing, as I try and contemplate just where the author is going to take the story.

The characters are awesome, the action is exciting, magic and dragons breathtaking. Dragon Attack is a great follow up to the groundwork laid in Dragon Badge and is a great read for any fantasy lover!

"Michael Prim, report to the principal's office. Tall-dark-and-scary would like to have a word with you." The radio responded with hissing static. (kindle, loc. 1609).

I chose this moment...well because I find it funny, this and many, many more.

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