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Elemental Prophecy by Nikki Narvaez {Blog Tour}

Book Info-
Title- Envisioned
Series- The Elemental Prophecy Book # 1
By- Nikki Narvaez
Genre-New Adult /Paranormal Romance

Brielle De Luca thought she was just an average girl, despite her nightly dreams of an impending apocalypse, along with a gorgeous man that pulls at her soul.
However, on the night of her 18th birthday, everything changes when she is thrown into the Elemental World, a world where she is supposedly the One that is spoken about in an ancient Prophecy; a Prophecy that states she is the key to preventing an apocalypse.
 Now she must learn to control her power over the four elements, all while dealing with the love and intense passion of her bond to the man from her dreams, Jace Vasquez.
Piece of cake, right?
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Book Info-
Title- Emblazed
Series- The Elemental Prophecy Book # 2
By- Nikki Narvaez 
Expected Publication Date- September 20th, 2013

Three days. Three days seems like a lot of time, but not when you are racing to save the one you love. Not when time is against you.
 Three days is all Jace has to save Brielle, to prevent both of their deaths. Both have more to battle than they ever imagined while they fight for their lives, their souls, and their love.
 Will Jace be able to rescue Brielle, or will the fate of the world die with her?
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My Review of Envisioned (The Elemental Prophecy Book #1)

Brielle leads a sheltered life. And life on an island is not necessarily the life a teenager wants to lead. But due to her father's over protective tendencies Brielle never leaves the island. But every girl needs to celebrate her 18th birthday. And her best friend helps her do just that, but what they don't expect is for things to turn dangerous. And when men show up and try to take Brielle things get a little....strange. Brielle is suddenly thrown into a world full of elemental magic and she is now front and center.

Brielle is an elemental. But not just any elemental. It is believed that she is the One that can wield all 4 elements and potentially stop an apocalypse. Only she doesn't even know it. Well until all hell break's loose on her 18th birthday. And after she sifts through all the secrets and lies told to her all her life Brielle realizes she doesn't have much time to figure out how to control her powers before the world comes crashing down. But there is one bonus, a sexy as hell fire elemental named Jace. 

A lot happens in Envisioned and I do mean a lot. As soon as Brielle discovers her entire life has been a lie it is just one thing after another. And it seems her life is unraveling faster than the secrets can be revealed. Now this is not necessarily a bad thing. It definitely keeps the story moving, but I felt it was a little too much, too fast. There were so many things happening that I sort felt like I was getting whiplash from it all. 

Now I can say that I liked Brielle and Jace. Both are tenacious and completely likable characters, with kick butt powers. And I know that their connection has a purpose and all but it was a little hard to take at times. And yes I liked the two together, I just found their total acceptance and love of each other a little hard to stomach. 

That being said, I did enjoy the overall story, once I was able to stop thinking about the details and let myself get lost. And I really did like the way Nikki Narvaez used elemental magic in the book and the ways that it is wielded. The characters are pretty likable and the world is one that would be fun to explore, but it just wasn't for me. But it might be just the thing for you.

About the Author-
My name is Nikki Narvaez. I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX, where I currently live with my husband, our two dogs, Bella and Oreo, and our cat, Cupcake. I have been teaching for four years, but I hope to become a full-time writer and stay at home mom one day. I am 27 years old, and have three older sisters who have blessed me with four nephews and one niece. In my free time, I love to write and play Texas Hold 'Em poker. I just released my first novel, a New Adult Fantasy/Paranormal Romance titled Envisioned. It is the first in the trilogy of The Elemental Prophecy Series. I am currently working on Book Two, titled Emblazed, as well as another Adult Paranormal Romance trilogy and a Contemporary Romance.
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