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Review: The Witch's Eye by Steven Montano

*Received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

A new evil is born.

The Ebon Cities have created a deadly new breed of undead called the Witchborn, whose very existence spells doom for the entire continent.

To make matters worse, a nihilist cult called the Black Circle has learned of the Witch’s Eye, the source of the Witchborn virus and an item capable of opening a portal to The Black.

Eric Cross’s scattered and war-weary team must find the Eye before it’s too late. With the aid of some unlikely allies, the mercenaries will fight their way across the wastelands and challenge the horrors at the edge of oblivion.

And before the battle is won Cross and his team will make the ultimate sacrifice, and face one of their own…

Return to the world After The Black in Book 5 of the BLOOD SKIES saga!
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My Review

In The Witch's Eye Eric Cross's ruthless team of mercenaries deals with struggles that they have never faced before. This well oiled team is scattered throughout the land and each surviving member of the team struggle's to not only find the remaining members but the terrible Witch's Eye, the source of the vast evil of Witchborn, that devours anything in its path. But those aren't their only struggles, each of them has to survive and overcome personal battles that can just as easily destroy them. Cross battles his way out of The Carrion Rift, Danica battles herself and who or what she has become, while Ronan battles the memories alive inside him, and Maur struggles just to survive.

As you can easily tell The Witch's Eye does not lack in the action or thrill ride department. There is always something happening and you can bet that is wicked. So, obviously if you follow this series at all then you know that Cross's teams has this uncanny ability to get themselves into a world of trouble. It seems like wherever they go bad crap just naturally happens. But now that the team is separated its not just happening to Cross. Sure, bad crap still happens to him in spades, but now the bad crap is pretty equally dispersed throughout the team. I know I should not be happy about that, but I sort of am.

With The Witch's Eye we got an in depth look at who Ronan was before he became a member of the team and just why he is the way he is. We also get to see a softer side of him, that let's just say scared the crap out of even him. I love how this book had a strong focus Ronan because before he was the dark brooding guy that could and would kill anything. Steven Montano did a really great job of reminding us that Ronan is human too and that he came from somewhere. Only now we know where that somewhere is and we understand the coldness that lingers inside.

I have always been a big fan of Danica Black. She is rough, brutally honest and can handle herself just as good as the guys, she is one fierce mage and is definitely someone I would not want to mess with. At the end of Crown of Ash Danica's future was let's just say less than certain. And in The Witch's Eye it was still not certain as Danica literally fights against herself as she has no idea who she really is. But Danica, like I stated earlier, is one seriously fierce woman.

As with any Blood Skies book, you literally have no idea what to expect from The Witch's Eye and author Steven Montano. I sure as hell did't expect the amazing moment that happened right before the end of the book! But I can say that my jaw actually fell to the floor when it happened, I was so in shock from the bold move that Steven Montano made, shocked in a good way.

In true Steven Montano fashion, The Witch's Eye has a wicked ending that felt a lot like a season finale to one of my favorite TV shows. And now I have to wait patiently (as patient as I can be anyway) for the season premier.

In The Witch's Eye, Steven Montano gives us a story that delivers both the characters and the reader to the breaking point, while at the same time bringing hope to the darkness. It is a non stop adrenaline rush, that will leave you both elated and scared as you wait for the next shoe to drop. This is another must in a dark fantasy series so full of musts! Make sure you don't miss this ride.

"he survived, and kept on fighting long after he should have died. That's a nice motto. I should put that on a business card." (kindle, loc. 173).

Okay, the reason I chose this moment is because of both the humor and the fact that this statement is just so very true.

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