Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review: Work In Progress by Christina Esdon

*Received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

Psychologist Reese Morgan is a feisty workaholic who has devoted her life to helping seriously ill children. But the work is just one of many walls she has put up to protect herself from a childhood trauma and heart-wrenching grief. When the family support program she has struggled to build at the local hospital is threatened, Reese must find a way to face her past, accept her grief and embrace her future. Sparks fly when she comes face to face with a handsome visionary: the contractor who is set to demolish the children’s wing. Can Reese break down the walls of her own heart to let love in?

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My Review

Reese Morgan hates her actual job, but loves the volunteer work that she does with the children's wing. When the children's wing gets shut down, Reese is forced to either accept her life as it is or let the world in and open up her heart. 

Enter Josh, the contractor and architect who has been contracted to do demolition on the children's wing and   intends to do demolition on the walls around Reese's heart. I have to say, he is one determined guy, most men would have walked away from a girl like Reese and said that the woman had serious issues. I definitely admire his tenacity! I think he is the perfect match for the stubborn and often pig-headed woman that Reese is. He definitely gave her a run for her money and challenged her at every corner. 

In a world where most men want a one night stand and women are looking for Mr. Right, Work in Progress gives us the opposite. Josh is looking for the Mrs. Right, while Reese was looking for Mr. Right Now. And boy did it make things interesting, steamy, sexy, and HOT! 

I am an absolute hopeless romantic. And I really love it, when love doesn't come easy, because let's face it, love isn't always easy; so why should it be easy in our books. Christina Esdon definitely gives me all the things I love about love. In Work in Progress you get the challenge (Reese-stubborn woman who doesn't want to let anyone in vs. Josh who is looking for the right woman), you get incredible chemistry and sexual tension that you can cut with a chainsaw! Seriously, these two are perfect for each other. 

Work in Progress read like a Lifetime Movie! You watch those don't you? Well then you will love this. Christina Esdon does such an amazing job with creating and developing the characters that you can't help but imagine them all vividly in your mind. There were times when I was reading this that I swear I could hear Reese's heels clicking down the halls. It is that easy to imagine! Each character has a role to play and is just as vital to the story as the main characters. I got equally wrapped up in their stories, but the story of Josh and Reese is one that will live on in my heart for some time! I am already pestering Christina Esdon for book 2 Poetry in Motion. 

If you are hopeless romantic and love your romances to be vivid, real and raw with emotion then Work in Progress is for you! Work in Progress definitely played with my heart strings, got my juices pumping and satisfied my desire for a love story. This is an absolute must read!

There are a ton of beautiful moments throughout this book, but the ones that are my absolute favorite give things away, and we can't have that now can we, so instead I decided to choose a moment that made me laugh, cause this book will make you do that too!
"You keep whining like that and your balls are going to shrivel up like raisins." (kindle, loc. 1134)

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