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Character Time #11

So what is Character Time? Character Time is a bi-weekly feature created by Danielle at Consuming Worlds to spotlight favorite characters. The next Character Time will be on June 9th.

The idea of Character Time is to spotlight a character from either a book you are currently reading or a book that you have read in the past. You can either love this character, hate them, loathe them, like them or any of the other feelings one may have. You then write a post spotlighting this character. Why you love, hate, loathe, or whatever them and why? This can include links, pictures or whatever you need to explain why you feel the way you feel. 

Note: These characters can be any characters, i.e., main characters, hero/heroine, villain, creature and so on.

Who can participate: Anyone! 

If you need any help here are the Character Time's I have done in the past (before I created the feature): Character Time Posts

There are so many characters that I love that at times picking just one seems a bit overwhelming, it helps if I have read the book recently though. And that is how I picked this character. I recently had the pleasure of reading Wings of Nestor by Devri Walls and I was reminded of how much I love a certain character in that series. So, here it goes my character of choice for Character Time is........

Emane from The Solus Series by Devri Walls

From the minute Emane first graced the page in Wings of Arian I knew he was going to be cocky, arrogant, head strong, and stubborn and I immediately knew that I would like him. Emane is the gorgeous Prince of Meros, the protector of the Solus and completely unmagical in a world that has been over run by magic. 
To say that Emane is less than thrilled about being called to be the protector of the Solus would be the understatement of the year. But he agrees to do it because it is for his kingdom and he always puts them first. Throughout the series, Emane shows that he is incredibly reliable, dedicated and loyal. Once he dedicates his service to you, he will lay down his life for you. 

Once I got to know Emane I realized that he is incredibly kind hearted, funny, an amazing swordsman, vulnerable, and deeply unsure of his ability to protect the Solus. As the only nonmagical person he is constantly wondering and struggling with the reasons of why he was called to be the protector. He knows what he is up against and he knows that they can kill him without getting near him, but that doesn't stop him from doing everything in his power to protect Kiora, the Solus. In this series Emane literally is the underdog. And what a wonderful underdog he is. I know I route for him in everything he does and I know he will continue to fight for Kiora, Meros and the lives of anyone who needs protecting. 

Emane is an incredibly fierce character who despite his being nonmagical is an amazing warrior that takes on any challenge head on. He is loyal, arrogant, has a big heart and loves hard. He is quick witted, smart as whip, and hot headed. But he is continually the character I would call on to help me face all that the world of Meros and beyond has to offer.

So if you haven't already started the Solus series, than make sure you do so! 

Find more Emane here: Goodreads | Amazon | Devri Walls Website

Character Time

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