Wednesday, June 11, 2014

From the Wreckage by Michele G Miller {Review}

*Received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

“In a matter of minutes on a Friday night, I lost my school, my identity, the security of my first love, the personality of my sweet fearless brother, my best friend, my town, everything as I knew it. Everything changed.”

"Minutes - that’s all it takes to change your entire life. How do you deal with that?”

For high school senior Jules Blacklin surviving the storm is only the beginning. Faced with the new reality of her life, she must find a way to rise From The Wreckage and answer the question - how do you get back to normal, when everything that was normal is gone?

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My Review~

One night. One moment. One storm. That's what it takes to change Jules Blacklin's life forever. In one single moment everything about her life changes and now she has to fight to rediscover who she is and how to live this new life. 

Let me give you one word for From the Wreckage... Beautiful. No, beautiful is not the right word. It needs a better word... elegant, graceful, delicate. Yes. It is all those things and more. From the Wreckage is... beauty, hope, and love. 

The story is stunning. Michele G Miller does an incredible job building this story piece by piece, giving us the perfect balance of story and emotion. From the moment From the Wreckage begins you know this story will play with your emotions. She set the tone. And it was flawless. 

From the beginning things are somber, we see Jules as she prepares to tell us a story. The hardest story she will ever have to tell. There is real struggle there, you can see how much this hurts her. Her feelings bleed off the page, instantly putting you in her shoes. You can't help but be subdued when you read this book, but you keep reading because there are amazing moments of hope, joy, love, and life throughout this story.

Everything about it tears at you and rips away your emotions until you are raw. You will feel every emotion with this book. From the Wreckage is definitely one hell of an emotional roller coaster. It will give you pause and make you think. Have you ever read a book that made you feel full? That's what this book did. It filled me up. I remember sighing when I finished this book. I just sat there when it was all said and done, like my life had changes as much as Jules. 

I absolutely loved everything about this book. The story, which was incredible, the love, and of course the characters. 

Jules and West have definitely found their way into my hearts. 

Jules, America's sweetheart. A Texas girl who has what every girl wants. Popularity, looks, and the star quarterback. But when everything is taken from her and she stares death in the face she begins to see just how fast things can change. She's a fighter and stronger than she knows. Jules is very real and down to earth 

Then there's West. Oh, West. West is... well, I can't really tell you what West is to me because that would give too much away. But I can tell you that he is pretty dang incredible and he makes my heart melt.

From the Wreckage is a beautiful and heartfelt story, so elegantly told that you can't help but find yourself completely immersed in the story. You will live this story. You will hurt for the characters, but From the Wreckage rises hope. There is always hope. And I definitely hope that you read this book. There really are no words to tell you how wonderful this book truly was. So just take my word for it and give it a try! 

"You see, I knew everything was going to change because hell had come to call that night, and some didn't escape it." (kindle, loc. 828).

Just one of my many favorite lines and moments from this book. So elegant, so wonderful, so beautiful!


  1. That's quite a review. And sounds like a hell of a book. I'm thinking that I should be going to get myself a copy of this? :)

    1. Why thank you Lou. And yes it is one hell of a book. And yes you definitely need to get yourself a copy when it comes out. You can preorder it on Barnes & Noble for 99c :)