Friday, April 18, 2014

Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich {Review}

New Jersey bounty hunter Stephanie Plum knows better than to mess with family. But when powerful mobster Salvatore “Uncle Sunny” Sunucchi goes on the lam in Trenton, it’s up to Stephanie to find him. Uncle Sunny is charged with murder for running over a guy (twice), and nobody wants to turn him in—not his poker buddies, not his bimbo girlfriend, not his two right-hand men, Shorty and Moe. Even Trenton’s hottest cop, Joe Morelli, has skin in the game, because—just Stephanie’s luck—the godfather is his actual godfather. And while Morelli understands that the law is the law, his old-world grandmother, Bella, is doing everything she can to throw Stephanie off the trail.

It’s not just Uncle Sunny giving Stephanie the run-around. Security specialist Ranger needs her help to solve the bizarre death of a top client’s mother, a woman who happened to play bingo with Stephanie’s Grandma Mazur. Before Stephanie knows it, she’s working side by side with Ranger and Grandma at the senior center, trying to catch a killer on the loose—and the bingo balls are not rolling in their favor.

With bullet holes in her car, henchmen on her tail, and a giraffe named Kevin running wild in the streets of Trenton, Stephanie will have to up her game for the ultimate takedown.

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My Review

Stephanie Plum is the biggest klutz and worst bounty hunter this side of, well, anywhere. It is always by sheer dumb luck or with the help of the uber sexy Ranger that she actually catches any of her skips. But what can I say, the girl does it with flare. 

Over the last twenty books we have watched Stephanie scramble and struggle to be a bounty hunter. She has blown up cars, been kidnapped, shot people, been shot at, caught things on fire, and all sometimes within one book. She has the worst luck when it comes to bounty hunting and is the walking poster for Murphy's Law. One place she doesn't need help? The men department. 

She has two very sexy and successful men chasing her. First, there is Morrelli, the Trenton cop, that would give anything for Stephanie to stop being a bounty hunter. And then there's Ranger, the drop dead gorgeous private security specialist that is always there to rescue Stephanie when she finds herself in a pickle. Both men want Stephanie... Stephanie wants both men, but she can't decide which to have. She knows that Morrelli is the safe way to go, he's stable, sweet, and would no doubt be a great dad. But Ranger... oh Ranger would be hands down steamy. Ranger is dangerous in the best ways. 

In every book there is incredible sexual tension between these three as Stephanie is torn between the sexy cop and the panty dropping security specialist. And with every book I become more aggravated that Stephanie can't make a dang decision or manage to not get her car blown up, stolen or vandalized. Frankly after twenty books the whole story is getting a little old. 

I still love Stephanie and really want to follow this story to the end just to see who she finally ends up with, but when is enough enough? These books used to be laugh out loud funny and now I can predict pretty much everything that is going to happen and I am not laughing nearly as much as I used to. I am saddened to say that these books have become rather cookie cutter... Stephanie chases skip, skip get's away... with her car, it get's blown up, ran over, smashed, destroyed... Ranger has to step in and save her. Morrelli doesn't like it. Stephanie tries again, get's better, does something klutzy... solves a big crime by accident and stumbles over which man to bed with. Yup that's it in a nutshell. 

With every book I hope it will be better. That it will be the laugh out loud riot it used to be, but I am sorry to say that Janet Evanovich just needs to end this series and give us all a little closure. Does that mean I won't be tuning in for Top Secret Twenty-One??? Unfortunately I am a glutton for punishment and think that I must suffer to the end, so yea I will probably tune it... I just hope I won't regret it.

I didn't really have a true favorite moment in this book, but I have to say the moments with the giraffe were pretty priceless.

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