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Dumb White Husbands vs. Zombies: The Zomnibus by Benjamin Wallace {Review}

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John, Chris and Erik are neighbors in the quaint subdivision of The Creeks of Sage Valley Phase II. These three family men happily live the typical suburban family life-their only real problems have been with each other and the draconian rules of the HOA. That all changes when the dead rise from their graves and walk the Earth. Now they must reluctantly join together to survive the spreading apocalypse and find their families. Personal fears, long buried secrets and their own personalities threaten to tear the group apart as they make their way across the zombie ridden landscape in Dumb White Husbands vs. Zombies. This Zomnibus collects Dumb White Husbands vs. Zombies Monday - The Weekend.

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My Review

John, Chris, and Erik live in the typical suburban neighborhood where their biggest problems are the HOA and it's ridiculously strict rules and whether or not they should get along. But all that changes when these husbands return home from a night of bowling to find the neighborhood taken over by zombies. In Dumb White Husbands vs. Zombies: The Zomnibus we follow these husbands as they learn to accept the fact that the dead have indeed returned and that their suburban lifestyles are no longer safe. 

John, Chris, and Erik are pretty much the stereotypical  middle-aged, suburban, white, husbands, they work 9-5, Monday through Friday so that they can stay home on the weekends and work on their beautifully landscaped yards, BBQ with the family, and complain about the newest HOA rules. Each of them thinks their house is the best, their job is the hardest, and their families are better than your families. But when the zombie apocalypse comes knocking on their door all become pretty equal.

They all become zombie food, rather they all find themselves trying to prevent themselves from becoming zombie food. But like any sane person, it takes them a little while to accept the fact that the zombie apocalypse is in fact happening. Each one of the husbands has their own way of dealing with the living dead, but the one thing they all agree on, is the fact that they are better off together.

Dumb White Husbands vs. Zombies: The Zomnibus is a beautiful and hilarious look into what the zombie apocalypse would actually look like. Benjamin Wallace does a great job of not only giving us zombies in all their horrid glory, but giving us real life as these men are faced with a reality they thought would never happen. In this week long tale they face more than zombies. They face crazy humans, their own pasts, their weaknesses and their bleak futures. The story is captivating and kept me laughing from page one to page 349! 

With the way that Benjamin Wallace approaches this book you can't help but fall in love and feel personal attachment to each of his characters. In fact I can see John, Erik and Chris as some of my friends. And I think it's that connection that makes this book so freaking awesome. You can't help but live it, see it, feel it, this life could be yours.

Benjamin Wallace painted such a vivid picture that I saw the story as a movie in my mind. If you are a fan of Zombieland or Shaun of the Dead then this is an absolute must for you. Dumb White Husbands vs. Zombies: The Zomnibus has it all, comedy, action, story, great characters, and of course fantastic zombies. 

"Erik, if you're asking me 'are we there yet' I will turn this apocalypse around and go straight home." (Paperback, p. 209).

I have a lot of favorite moments in this book, most of which made me laugh out loud. I chose this one in particular because it reminds me of what my dad always used to say to us on car trips.

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