Friday, August 16, 2013

Free eRead-a-thon Spine Poetry Challenge

Hello, happy Friday and welcome to the last challenge of the Free eRead-a-thon!!! I am so happy to have you all here today. 

Spine Poetry is extremely popular in the blogging community so we thought we would share it here with you. For those that already know how this works, create your poems. For those that don't allow me explain.

Using the books on your shelf (any number of books) create a poem using the title's of each book. How can you create a poem with just title's you ask? Well then allow me explain, for every book you use in your poem you get to add a word that is not in any of your titles. For example, if you create a poem using 7 books, you can add 7 additional words. It is all up to you! 

Here is an example:

Prey hath  Fallen to Thirst Beyond Judgement The Collector 's Go to the afterlife
As you can see I have 6 books and I added 5 words. The extra words are in purple. 

Now it's your turn! Create a poem using your books. Post them on your blog, Facebook, Twitter or whatever and leave me a link in the comments. Remember that I need more than just a picture I need it written out. 

All who participate will be entered for their chance to win anything from the Prize List except for the items listed for the Grand Prize. 

Show me what you got!


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