Sunday, March 8, 2015

March Madness- Jackson Locke from The Taking Series by Melissa West

Hello bookish people, welcome to March Madness, where we get mad about more than the Spring weather, we get excited for book boyfriends. We all have them. We all love them. We all get a little crazy about them. And today I hope to either add another to your growing list, or reaffirm your love. I am Danielle Young at Consuming Worlds and I admit, I have a lot of book boyfriends. And today I am going to tell you why you should vote for one of them.

As soon as I was introduced to Jackson Locke from Gravity by Melissa West, I fell in love. I didn't just fall in love with his looks--but he is a looker, trust me, but I fell in love with his drive and desire to help people. Now if you don't know much about Jackson, then allow me to show you the reasons he should have your vote today.

Hello, YUM!
Jackson Locke is from The Taking Series by Melissa West and in the words of Ari (from Gravity book 1) "It's as though chaos and perfection slammed into each other and he's the result." Couldn't have said it better myself.

He's solid 6'2" of yummy alien goodness. A secret spy for his home planet, Jackson is everything a warrior should be. But with a heart. Jackson is a lethal weapon, both his mind and body are honed and sharpened to deliver maximum results. He is the best at what he does. Which, is everything. He is a top fighter, top marksman, and a genius. 

Just look at him. He oozes confidence and swagger. 

You're wondering what's under that shirt aren't you?

Your wish is my command....

It's okay to drool
But he isn't just HAWT... (you know you were thinking it) he has a soft side too. Underneath his warrior shell lies the heart of a Lion. He feels deep, cares for more than himself, and loves with ferocity. 

“ I love her with such an intense need that for the first time in my life, I feel whole, I feel right, I feel as though every flaw I have is now erased, filled by her. She is my perfect opposite, and I will love and protect her.
Always.” –Jackson Locke, Hover 

“You shouldn’t love me, but assuming you ignore me, like always, know this: I am absolutely, mind-bendingly in love with you. In every way. Every ounce of my body. My entire being…it belongs to you.”

 "I want you. In every way. In any way I can get you. And if that means being your friend, then that's what I'll be. But don't expect me to open up about the worst parts of my life when I am next to nothing to you now."

"His fingertips hesitate at my lips, and his gaze drops.  I draw a breath, and then his lips find mine.  It’s an explosion of emotions-first warmth, then contentment, then fear, so much fear."

And he will fight to save everyone. Jackson doesn't see race or color. He see's people. And he will do anything to prevent their death's. 

"Why does death have to be the answer? It isn't how I'm made, Ari. Orders or not, I can't just sit back and let this happen. I'd never be able to live with myself if I did nothing."

Even if it means he has to fight his own kind. Jackson is everything a book boyfriend should be... loyal, kind, fierce, funny, smart, confident, hot, and lethal. He can sweep you off your feet with romance and protect you from every adversary. He loves confidence in a girl and doesn't mind when she can kick his butt. Now that is a real man.

And in case you still aren't sure... I'm going to leave you with a few more "reasons" as I sneak away.

One more reason...

Go on cast your vote for Jackson... you know you want too! 

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